Five Reasons Why Adopting a Dog is Better than Buying One

Our world is full of choices. Some are simple and some are more complex. When you make the decision to include a dog in your life, you have made the commitment, but still have the choice. Today, you can adopt a pet from a dog shelter, or you can buy from a pet store or reputable breeder. There are many benefits to adopting a shelter dog. When looking to save a pet or thinking about adopting a dog into a loving home, there are a few things you should consider. How will your new dog:

  • Fit into your living conditions - Home or apartment; yard, patio or no outdoor space
  • Thrive with your Lifestyle - Away from home a lot or little? Can your dog go with you? How will you care for them?
  • Help or hinder your fitness - Active, sedentary or somewhere in between?
  • Be a financial liability - Some dogs require grooming, may need more medical care and larger dogs are going to cost more in almost every aspect.

Once you know the limitations of your new family member, you have the choice of buying or adopting from a shelter/rescue organization instead of buying from breeding facilities. There are many upsides to rescuing a dog

1. You can still find the dog of your dreams.

Even more than pet shops and puppy mills, shelters and rescue groups have a wide variety of animals to choose from. Over 6.5 million pets enter animal shelters every year, according to shelter overpopulation statistics from ASPCA. There are many websites that allow you to be very specific and search by age, size, sex, dog breed, color, etc. When searching for our newest dog, we were specific that we wanted a dog that was a puppy to young in age, small to medium in size, male, and a poodle-mix. We ended up finding Louie: the one year old, small, male, poodle-mix pictured below. It was a match made in heaven! 

adopting a rescue dog like Louie is a great idea - adopt a pet

2. You’ll save a lot of money.

How much is it to adopt a dog compared to buying from a breeder? Buying can easily cost over $1,000, and often much more. Adoption fees for shelter pets usually range in cost from $100 to $250. Dogs who are adopted from a shelter or rescue group are usually up to date on their shots, and many humane societies spay and neuter their dogs before putting them up for adoption. Additionally, you usually won't have to worry about microchipping your new best friend as shelter dogs are usually microchipped in the event they wander or become lost. Adopted pets, especially adult dogs, may already be housetrained. All of these things will help you have a clean, inexpensive start with your new companion animal.

rescue a dog like Staffordshire Terrier Thanos - benefits of adopting a dog

3. You can still rescue a purebred.

Don’t want a mutt? There are many purebred dogs to be found in local shelters. Additionally, there are many rescue groups that care for specific breeds only. Both of these are a great sources for adopting the exact breed of dog you're looking for. Don’t forget that mixed-breed dogs often contain fifty percent, or more, of your desired breed. A friend adopted Thanos, tested his DNA, and found out he is 100% American Staffordshire Terrier.

4. You’ll save one or more lives.

When adopting a rescue dog, you free up space for another dog to enter the adoption area and make space for another one to be prepped and readied for adoption (check-up, shots, neutering/spaying, microchip, etc.). Getting a new pet from the adoption system is all around a great thing to do, considering how many dogs are in shelters in the United States at this very moment. It saves lives, opens up the opportunity for others to save lives, and gives more dogs a second chance!

5. They can help you get healthier.

Dogs can help with your daily outlook on life. It’s great to have something to care for and especially one that gives you unconditional love in return. Most dogs need a dose of daily exercise. Whether this comes from a walk, run or playing fetch, it usually means you have to go outdoors, into the fresh air, and get your exercise too. But it's also about mental health. Pets for adoption often experience loneliness and depression from lack of human companionship, so they understand when you go through those things. The connection between a shelter dog and their adoption parent can be stronger than any other!  

loki on the beach; save a pet by adopting a dog from a shelter We’re a society that likes to share. If you’re a fan of any social media website, you’ll have a blast showing off pictures of your new furry friend and all the adventures you share. There are many more reasons to adopt a dog. While there is no science to back this, it is often said that rescued dogs, both younger and older dogs, recognize and appreciate being adopted more than others. They show their appreciation through a deep loyalty to their adoptive parents. When you're ready, save a life. Give a homeless animal a loving home. Who knows, the life you end up saving may be yours.
Scott Mullikin

Written by

Scott Mullikin

Sales & Customer Service Manager

Pets: My best pal, my sidekick: Louie. We adopted him at 11 months old, he's almost 5 years old now. He loves life; all people, other dogs and even cats. You need to go somewhere, he's ready to accompany me which makes him the best travel companion I've ever had.
Fun stuff: I love hiking and wine tasting. For me, they're polar opposites. One takes me into nature and a peaceful state. The other is interacting with people and socializing.

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