Replacement Flaps & Parts

  • Save money and replace old and broken parts without needing to replace your pet door completely
  • Large selection of flaps, weatherstripping, keys, and more to upgrade and improve any pet door

Flaps & Parts For Your Pet Door

If you need a replacement flap for any dog door or cat door, locking cover, cat tunnels, or other pet door parts, you must order the correct brand. Accessories and parts ( including replacement pet door flaps ) are not interchangeable between brands or models from the same manufacturer, even if the dimensions seem to match. There have been a few brands and models like Security Boss and the Dogwalk flap that are similar to the Hale, but the Hale flaps will not work. Use dimensions to select the correct size within the brand only after the specific model has been correctly established (this is especially true for ideal pet door replacement parts). The one exception to this is the Pride flap, which can replace the Johnson or PetSafe Ultimate doors. Replacement slide in covers are also not interchangeable.