Ideal Fast Fit Height Extension Panel

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  • Allows your current Ideal pet door to fit any height slider
  • Calculate your extension by subtracting your current panel height from the height of your sliding door, then add 2-1/8" in order to get the correct height for the extension
  • For use with the Ideal Fast Fit Patio Panels only
  • Custom and non-returnable

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Ideal Fast Fit Height Extension Panel

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  • Allows your current Ideal pet door to fit any height slider
  • Calculate your extension by subtracting your current panel height from the height of your sliding door, then add 2-1/8" in order to get the correct height for the extension
  • For use with the Ideal Fast Fit Patio Panels only
  • Custom and non-returnable

Ideal Height Extension for "Fast Fit" Sliding Glass Pet Doors

If your sliding glass door track height is more than 80 5/16” but less than 93 3/4 or greater than 96” up to a maximum of 110 1/2”, then the 'off the shelf' versions of the Ideal 'Fast Fit' patio pet door will not fit your track height.  However, you may add an Ideal Height Extension to get the height that you need.

Purchase the 'standard' height 'Fast Fit' patio panel and add an extension to get to the range more than 80 5/16" but less than 93 3/4".

If your track height is over 96" but no taller than 110 1/2", purchase the 'tall' version of the Ideal 'Fast Fit' and add a height extension to that.

The panel will fit in a slot at the top of the Ideal 'Fast Fit' and we recommend fastening it in place with two sheet metal screws on each side for a strong, stable fit.

You will need to provide the following information in the drop-downs above:

1. What color framing do you require?  Choices are Bronze (very dark brown), Brushed Aluminum and White

2. What height should the extension be built to? Here you must supply a height in inches. Calculate it by subtracting the maximum height of the adjustment range of the panel you've chosen from the measured height of your sliding glass door track and adding 2 1/8".  So, for example, if you measure your track height at 88" exactly, you'd subtract 80 5/16" from 88" equals 7 11/16" and add back 2 1/8" = 9 13/16".  You'd specify 9 13/16" in the dialog box offered. Note that the maximum height for the extension is 14". It can be built up to 16” but the manufacturer suggests that you then semi-permanently install it for stability.

3. How wide is your panel going to be?  If you are purchasing an Ideal 'Fast Fit' at the same time as the height extension, then you only have to specify the flap size:  Small, Medium, XLarge or Super large as we know how wide those are.  However, if you already own an Ideal 'Fast Fit', it's possible that you have the older version that was built in the USA. In that case the measurement will be different.  You'll need to measure the full width of your panel and put that figure in the dialog box offered.

Please note that the Ideal 'Fast Fit' height extension will not fit any other patio pet door panel.  Also, because it's a custom built order, it is not returnable after purchase.

Customer Reviews

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  • Perfect Fit review by Lauren
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    5 5 Perfect Fit

    The extension was a perfect fit for our strange sized sliding door. I thought the custom dimensions would make for longer processing and shipping times but the extension panel was made and shipped within a couple of days. Perfect!

    (Posted on 6/10/2014)

  • Perfect Fit review by Tim
    How do you rate this product?
    5 5 Perfect Fit

    The cat door I have for Sliding Glass Doors was not high enough so I bought an extension and it worked perfectly. I adjusted mine halfway down and measured the difference so that I had the best chance of a good fit.

    (Posted on 6/12/2013)

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