PetSafe Sash Window Pet Door - Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation icon Difficulty Easy
Installation icon Steps 02
Installation icon Time Required 0.5 hours
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  • 1 Petsafe Sash Window Panel


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Please read instructions & notes thoroughly before installation.

Step 1 Insert Sash Panel

  • Open your window.
  • Place the PetSafe Vertical Window Pet Door into the track of your sash window.

Step 2 Release Spring Mechanism

  • Release the spring mechanism by loosening the width adjustment locks.
  • Tighten the width adjustment locks once the pet door has expanded the full width of the window



Petsafe Sash Window Panel Tips

Adjusting the Pet Door for your Window

  • Due to the fact that there are many types of windows, you may need to modify your installation using shims or similar materials, and depending on window design you may need to create a track with a quarter-round or 1" square wood strip.
  • If there is a gap, you can use the shims to even out the pet door. A foam weather stripping can also be used around the edges for additional insulation.

Removing Your PetSafe Sash Window Pet Door

  • You will first need to loosen the width adjustment locks, you may first need to lift the pet door up to loosen the bottom screw.
  • Then compress the window pet door and tighten the width adjustment locks once again for easy removal.

Removing the Closing Cover

  • Step 1: Place your fingers behind the left and right side handles of the cover and thumbs in the middle.
  • Step 2: Push with your thumbs and pull with your fingers to release the cover.

Lock Details

A great way to lock your sliding window is a Charley bar or screw in the track. Both work off the same concept - they block the slider from opening. When engaged you cannot pull the sliding door away from the pet door panel.