Cat Doors For Windows

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There are many cases where you’d like to install a cat flap in glass or some other thin, weak material. Think of windows, sidelights, sliding glass doors and French doors.

It’s true that if you have plate glass, you can simply cut a hole (a circle, actually) and install a number of the cat doors in this section through that hole. They’re designed to spread the forces out to avoid breaking the glass. But, you almost certainly have tempered glass and you cannot cut that. If you try, it will shatter! However, your local glass shop can remove the piece of glass in question and replace it with a new piece that has the hole pre-cut prior to tempering. Then it’s a simple matter to install the cat flap.

If you’re more handy-man inclined you might consider replacing the glass yourself with a thin piece of plywood or, better, Lexan (generic name polycarbonate) which looks just like glass. You’ve seen it in thick, bullet-proof windows at your bank. While it looks like glass, you can drill or saw it like wood. Note that if you take the plywood or polycarbonate approach, you’ll probably want to choose from the cat flaps for doors page just insuring that the adjustment range is narrow enough to fit the material you’ve chosen.