Replacement Flap for Electronic Cat Mate 256 & 363 and Dog Mate 259

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  • Pet Door Replacement Flap for the Large Electromagnetic Cat-Mate 256, Dog-Mate 259 and Electronic Cat-Mate 363
  • Pet door flap is a tinted polycarbonate design
  • Brush weather stripping lines the perimeter of the cat flap
  • Replacement flap for dog door or cat door fits Cat Mate 363 and 256 and Dog Mate 259

The Cat Mate 256 and Dog Mate 259 Electronic Pet Doors (discontinued)

This Pet Mate dog door flap replacement is compatible with the Electronic Cat Mate 256 and 363 cat flap doors, as well as the Dog Mate 259. The replacement doggie door flaps are identical except for the packaging. One is labeled 'Large Cat' and the other 'Small Dog' (both are compatible with the same door replacement flap).

Cat Mate 363 Electromagnetic Pet Door (discontinued)

Recently Pet Mate Pet Supplies combined the CatMate 256 and 259 into a new product model: the Cat Mate 363, which also uses this cat and dog door replacement flap.

To install the Cat Mate Replacement Flap you'll need to remove the frame from the wall or door to install the doggy door replacement flap so that you can force the tiny 'ears' into place in the frame. The frame will need to distort a little for you to be able to do this. For more on how to install a cat door replacement flap, see the installation instructions tab.

For more Cat and Dog Mate dog door replacement parts, check out PetMate Replacement Parts.

Additional Information



Flap Dimension

7" w x 7 1/4" h

Flap Colors


Installation Instructions

For the easiest installation, we recommend removing the frame from the door, wall, or panel first to allow the flap hinges the flexibility to fit into the proper spaces. Once the frame has been removed, place one of the hinges into its proper hole and use a screwdriver to slightly bend out the frame so that the second hinge pops in on the remaining side. Installing the replacement flap with the frame in place limits the overall flap flexibility, resulting in a more difficult installation process.


Will this flap fit the Cat Mate Elite 305 Super Selective Electronic cat door?

No, these flaps will not work with the Cat Mate 305's 4-way locking cat flap timer. You can buy replacement flaps for it here.

Can I get this in a different flap size?

No, the Cat Mate 256 & 363 and the Dog Mate 259 are not large cat doors or dog doors. They are made for small pets and have the same flap size.

Will the Cat Mate 256 & 363 and the Dog Mate 259 be a good pet door to put into the wall of my laundry room so that the cat food and litter box are in their own space?

The Cat Mate 236 can only fit into materials up to 2" thick and does not have a door liner to go with it. If you want a in-wall pet door that will keep your cat litter in a separate room, you will need either a self-lining pet door or a pet door that has a wall liner to go with it.

Is the flap made for extreme weather conditions?

No, but here is a new door, the SureFlap Microchip sliding pet door manufactured in the United States with a microchip sensor that is. You can also check out the Petsafe Extreme weather pet door.


Cat Mate/ Dog Mate/ Ani Mate 3 Year Limited Warranty

Guarantees your purchase for a period of three years from the date of original purchase against any defect arising due to faulty materials or manufacture. Accordingly, any defective item will be repaired free of charge or replaced at the manufacturer’s option provided that the defect has not been caused by neglect, misuse, or normal wear and tear and proof of purchase date is supplied. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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