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  • Guillotine style door installs in kennels, doors, and walls
  • Functions as either a closing panel for kennel doors or installs over any of the Gun Dog House Doors as a closing cover
  • Durable, aluminum side framing ensures stability and longevity
  • Available in medium or extra large

The Gun Dog Guillotine Door's versatile design serves as either a closing panel at the end of a kennel run or a closing cover for any of the Gun Dog House Door models.


  • Additional guillotine door hardware will be needed (rope or wire, pulleys, handle), as they are NOT provided upon purchase. It can be purchased at your local hardware store.
  • Installs in kennels, doors, and walls of nearly all materials.
  • Exterior slides are made of aluminum for durability. They fasten on either side of the installation opening.
  • Opening/closing panel is 3/8" thick polypropylene for improved insulation.
  • Can be hooked up to a remote system, eliminating the need to enter the run.


  • Can eliminate the need to manually open and close the kennel run or closing cover on a door/wall installation.
  • One of the most cost-effective guillotine doors for dog kennels and home installations.
  • Sliding panel improves wind resistance.
  • Accommodates dogs of all sizes.

Size Chart

Flap SizeMay Use WithFlap Dimension
MediumGun Dog House Door
Easy Door
14" w x 20" h
Extra LargeGun Dog Big Door
Easy Big Door
18" w x 28" h

Additional Information


Brushed Aluminum

Frame Material


Flap Material


Flap Colors


Flap Thickness


Warranty Period

5 years limited

Return Period

30 days

Your Maximum Pet Size

Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs

Flap Design


Ability to Lock Flap

Closing Cover (Not Locking), No Flap Lock Provided

Can Be Installed In

Aluminum Door, Hollow Core Door, Kennel Wall, Polycarbonate, Plywood or Other Thin Material, Solid Core Door, Steel Door, Walls

Wind Resistance

Very High

Insulation Value


Installation Instructions

Guillotine Closure Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Place the panel against the wall as a template. Install each channel so that the panel slides in each side of the grooved tracks.

Step 2: Drill a hole or install an eye hook in the panel. Install two pulleys (purchased separately) to the ceiling and attach a cable or rope (purchased separately) to the polypropylene panel.

Step 3: Slide the panel in the channel as needed.

closing panel


Do the guillotine dog doors come with hardware for setting up a pulley system?

You would have to purchase your own hardware if you wanted to link this up with a pulley system. It would also require drilling the holes in the solid panel.

Do you know how to make a guillotine dog door pulley system?

You would have to purchase the hardware locally, but it would require drilling a hole in the closing panel and atatching the cable. Then you would have to hang the pulley above the door and thread the cable through a hole in the fence run. This will allow you to open and close the run without going inside. We have some detailed photos on the installation instruction tab too.

What size Gun Dog Doors fit with the Medium?

The Gun Dog Heavy Duty and the Medium Easy Door.

What size Gun Dog Doors fit with the Extra Large?

The Large Easy Door and the Big Dog Door.

Can I use this with other doors?

Yes, the guillotine doors for dog kennels can be used with really any door as long as the opening for the pet door is smaller than the flap dimension of the guillotine door.

Is the door durable?

Very durable, which is why we recommend it for kennel use.

Is it hard to install?

Since it is only 4 parts that you screw into the door or wall, it is not particularly hard. However, you do need to make sure that you install them at the right width or else the cover won't fit properly.

Is there a lock on the cover?

No, but you can install your own. This can be done by drilling a hole through the cover and the channel and then using a metal pin lock that would go through both.

Could I use this on a house or is it just for kennels?

You could use this for a residential application as well.

Can I paint it?

You could paint the panel with the proper type of paint as it is just a polypropylene material.

Can I just use this as a pet door?

You could, but it just wouldn't provide any insulation value with open.


Gun Dog House Door® Co.

The Heavy Duty Dog Door®, Big Dog Door™, Easy Dog Door™ is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. We warrant this product to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for the life of your dog. Damage caused by accident, improper installation or abuse is specifically excluded from this warranty. Gun Dog House Door® Co. is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage resulting from use of this product. Normal wear and tear excludes the hinges from warranty. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

Partial returns and/or damages will not receive full credit. Items damaged through USE or due to return shipping damage will receive partial or no credit. Should you decide that you wish to refuse receipt of an item when delivered by UPS, USPS, FedEx or common carrier and legitimately ordered the product, credit will be issued minus any shipping custom fees and charges.

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