About Us

About PetDoors.com

What happens when you sell pet doors for over 30 years? You learn more about pet doors than you ever thought was possible and, in the meantime, you create a website that explains everything. That’s PetDoors.com, we are confident you won’t be able to find anyone who knows more about doggy doors than we do; we have seen everything and answered just about every question possible.

At PetDoors.com, we love pets. We love dogs so much that several are official members of our staff. Every day is a “Bring your dog” day at PetDoors.com and this allows us to constantly test our products with real puppy expertise. As if 5 office dogs were enough, we also have Bruno, our pet door simulator that can open and close a flap over 10,000 times per day.

The company that eventually became PetDoors.com started in 1976 and has made over 500,000 dogs happy and owners liberated. We are located in San Luis Obispo, California which is definitely a dog lover town! 

Meet Our Team

Kelsey Youmans
Kelsey  Customer Satisfaction Jedi
   Dream trip: Italy
   Favorite superhero: Batman
   Scared of: Mayo and ranch
   Movie: Harry Potter (all of them)
   Biggest weakness: Shiny things
   Nickname: Kelso
   Makes me laugh: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
   Favorite game: Softball
The Maver
Maverick  Status Update Engineer
   Favorite food: Cat poop
   Scared of: Tape measures 
   Master of: Being awkward
   Passion: Smaller dogs 
   Biggest weakness: Closed doors
   Nickname: The Maver, Goofy
   Super power: Can cover other dogs with slobber instantly
   Best skill: Status updates
Rachel Long
Rachel  Visual Design and Marketing
   Dream trip: Ireland
   Favorite activity: Playing with my animals
   Midnight snack: Ice cream and pancakes
   Favorite cookie: Snickerdoodle
   Wish I could: Own a barn
   Can't live without: Animals
   If I could only eat one thing: Jubes
   Next adventure: Horse camping
Loki  Assistant to the Status Update Engineer
   Scared of: Bad guys
   Wish I could: Make everyone feel loved
   Master of: Puppy eyes
   Passion: Running and jumping
   Can't live without: Rachel
   Pet peeve: Small animals
   Super power: Extreme kindness
   Favorite game: Hide and seek
Alan Lethers
Alan  President
   Dream trip: Bora Bora
   Favorite smell: Cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee
   Favorite quote: Abuse an animal, go to jail
   Favorite children's book: Treasure Island
   Movie: Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
   Wish I could: Time travel
   Next adventure: Istanbul
   Favorite game: Chess
General  Front Office Security
   Favorite smell: Anything edible
   Favorite quote: "Hey General, want to go for a walk?"
   Favorite food: Yours
   Scared of: Alan's absence
   Biggest weakness: Alan being around other dogs
   Next adventure: Walking around the block
   If I'm not sleeping on my back you'll find me: Sleeping on my side
   Best skill: Whacking things with my tail
Nick Pullano
Nick  CEO
   Dream trip: New Zealand
   Favorite superhero: Manu Ginobili
   Favorite activity: Surfing
   Midnight snack: Cookie dough
   Movie: The Big Lebowski
   Dream car: 2003 Toyota Tacoma
   Master of: Having extraneous spreadsheets 
   Passion: Dog doors
Mikey  Assistant to the Assistant to the Status Update Engineer
   Favorite activity: Eating
   Scared of: Loud noises
   Midnight snack: Kibble
   Master of: Cuteness
   Biggest weakness: Paying attention to something for more than 4 seconds
   Will always dance to: The thought of you rubbing my belly
   If I could have dinner with anyone dead or living: Loki & The Maver
   Best skill: Injecting a little bit of happiness into whatever it was you were doing
David Dorado
David  Shipping & Receiving
   Dream trip: Spain
   Midnight snack: Salted roasted peanuts
   Favorite cookie: Chocolate chip
   Favorite holiday: Halloween
   Movie: Blood Sport
   Dream car: 1969 Chevelle
   If I am not at work, I am: With my two awesome kids and beautiful wife
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Las Vegas
Justin O'Brien
Justin  Senior Assembler
   Dream trip: Sydney, Australia
   Favorite smell: Race care fuel
   Favorite quote: Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today
   Favorite food: Spaghetti, BBQ
   You might never guess: Eagle Scout
   Best skill: Welding
   Next adventure: Getting married
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Ireland, American Samoa
Nate Souza
Nate  Senior Assembler
   Dream trip: Tokyo
   Favorite actor: Bill Murray
   Favorite holiday: 4th of July
   Dream car: Tesla Model S
   Movie: The Life Aquatic
   80's band: Foreigner
   Next adventure: Vegas
   Favorite word: Eureka
Vanessa  Customer Service
   Favorite activity: Wakeboarding
   Favorite movie: Temptations
   Can't live without: My brother
   Next adventure: Diving off the coasts of Thailand
   Favorite game: Candy Land
   I unwind by: Going on a hike with a camera around my neck
   Favorite game: Softball
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Venice, Italy
JT Janowski
JT  Logistics & Supply Chain Assistant
   Dream trip: Australia
   Favorite quote: "With great power comes great responsibility." - Uncle Ben
   Favorite food: pesto pasta
   Midnight snack: SLO Donut Company
   Favorite cookie: my grandma's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
   Movie: Forrest Gump
   If I am not at work, I am: either playing volleyball in a gym or on the beach
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Alaska
Garrett Hill
Garrett  AdWords Data Analyst
   Dream trip: Australia
   Favorite smell: popcorn
   Favorite food: tacos
   Favorite cookie: Oreos
   Makes me laugh: Seinfeld
   Favorite game: Connect Four/Basketball
   Midnight snack: Taco Bell
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Cayman Islands
Tyler Philliber
Tyler  Customer Service
   Favorite superhero: Green Lantern
   Theme song: Star Wars Opening
   Biggest weakness: Puppy Dog eyes
   If I'm not sleeping on my back you'll find me: Drooling on my pillow
   Once I dreamed: I was skiing down a mountain of ice cream
   Favorite phrase: I don't have bad handwriting, I have my own font.
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Alaska
   Favorite word: Perkatory-waiting for the pot of coffee
Cisco Bass
Cisco  AdWords Data Analyst
   Dream trip: Mayan ruins
   Favorite holiday: Christmas
   Movie: Pan's Labyrinth
   Favorite cookie: chocolate chip
   Theme song: Indiana Jones
   Favorite game: racquetball
   Midnight snack: frozen burritos
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: New York City
Audrey Chan
Audrey  Junior Web Developer
   Dream trip: Tokyo or Paris
   Favorite superhero: Batman
   Favorite smell: Coffee
   Favorite song: Safe With Me - Sam Smith
   Midnight snack: cheese puffs
   Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
   Biggest weakness: Free food
   Favorite phrase: "Small things can cast a big shadow."
Scott  Sales Manager
   Favorite quote: "You'll see it when you believe it." - Wayne Dyer
   Best advice: "The only constant thing in life is change - embrace it!"
   Favorite activity: Hiking
   Favorite food: Peruvian
   Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
   Wish I could: Help people in need
   Favorite game: Dominoes, Mexican Train Style
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Natural location Yosemite and country of Greece
Claire  AdWords Data Analyst
   Dream trip: Aruba or Seoul
   Favorite quote: "The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday."
   Favorite food: Italian or Japanese
   Wish I could: Travel the world
   Master of: Jumpscares
   Biggest weakness: Baby animals
   You might never guess: I performed with my orchestra at a NBA Warriors vs Rockets game
   I unwind by: Watching Netflix
Andrew  Junior Web Developer
   Dream trip: South Korea
   Favorite activity: Cooking
   Midnight snack: Ramen
   Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
   Favorite movie: Howl's Moving Castle
   Will always dance to: K-pop
   Makes me laugh: Gordon Ramsay
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Australia
Paula  Junior Web Developer
   Dream trip: Scotland
   Midnight snack: Quesadillas
   Favorite cookie: Cranberry oatmeal
   Wish I could: Apparate
   Master of: Making cookies or cheese enchiladas
   Favorite 80's band: Phil Collins, The Cure
   I unwind by: Laying upside down on couches
   Most awesome place I've traveled to: Bali, Indonesia
Steven  Junior Web Developer
   Favorite superhero: Ironman
   Favorite smell: Bread
   Favorite quote: "Stay foolish, stay hungry"
   Favorite food: Sushi
   Favorite cookie: Chocolate chip
   Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
   If I could only eat one thing Sushi
   Makes me laugh: Puns

If you're interested in working here, please email careers@petdoors.com