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From pet sizes to installer help, our pet door experts have you covered! We pride ourselves on helping you and your pet in any way possible. We also try our best to fix or resolve any issue you may face. Some of us are like doctors in this sense. However, the only certified Dr. in the building is Dr. Bone.

Dr. Bone has been in this business for a couple of decades. As a human and animal liaison, he is the one who can help with your toughest decisions. Dr. Bone has spent time travelling through many homes with cats and dogs, observing and closing the communication gap between these species. It wasn’t until 2014 did Dr. Bone decide to make himself public, offering his services through our blog forum. This pet owner forum is not restricted to cats and dogs be sure!

This dog doctor is honest, thoughtful, and affordable! Just send in your questions to his assistant Loki, and he will answer with a wagging tail.  

Have some difficult questions you need answered? Who better to answer them than our very own Dr. Bone! Check out some of his previous work below. If you or someone you love is dealing is confronted with a challenging question, give Dr. Bone a thought.

Questions and Answers from Dr Bone


Dr Bone, how do I stop my dog from peeing on my slippers?


Dr. Bone: Gladys, your dog loves you! You want to mess with his feelings?  Get a hamster you mushuganuh!


Dr Bone, my dog Rusty bit my boyfriend. Should I have him put down?


Dr. Bone: Betsy,  yes! Have your boyfriend put down just as quickly as you can!  Rusty is trying to tell you something! Listen to him!   He’s a bad choice, Betsy.  He’s no good for you. Trust Rusty.

Dr Bone, I want to get a dog but my wife thinks we should get a cat. What do you think?


Dr. Bone: Don, do you want to know what cats are good for? Lunch!

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