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From pet sizes to installer help, our pet door experts have you covered! We pride ourselves on helping you and your pet in any way possible. Some of us are like doctors in this sense. However, the only certified Doctor in the building is the resident Dr. Bone, educated in treats and canine behavior!

Dr. Bone has been in this business for a couple of decades. As a human-animal ambassador, he is the one who can answer your toughest questions. Dr. Bone has spent time travelling through many homes with cats and dogs, observing and closing the communication gap between these species. It wasn’t until 2014 did Dr. Bone decide to make himself public, offering his services through our blog forum. This pet owner forum is the best placed to get your questions answered by the best in the field!

This dog doctor is honest, thoughtful, and affordable! Just send in your questions to his assistant, Loki, at, and the doctor will answer with a wagging tail.


Have some difficult questions about dog behavior problems? There's no one better to answer them than the dog doctor himself! Check out some of his previous work below.


Questions and Answers from Dr Bone

Dr. Bone offering tips on some of the most common dog behavior problems.

Dr Bone, Why does my dog keeps peeing in house? How do I get her to pee outside? -Gladys

Dr. Bone: Gladys, she is probably still getting used to living at home with you! She also may lack the freedom that a pet door provides. Consider if you had to be shut in the living room all day, with nowhere to go pee! A personal dog door is how to stop a dog from peeing the house.

Dr Bone, my dog Rusty bit my boyfriend. Should I have him put down? -Betsy

Dr. Bone: Betsy, yes! Have your boyfriend put down as quickly as you can!  Rusty is trying to tell you something! But, in all seriousness, no! Most of the time, bites are a sign that your dog has too much energy. High energy dogs need lots of outside play; take him to the dog park and tire him out!

Dr. Bone, how do I stop my puppy peeing in house? -April

Dr. Bone: April, just like human babies, dog babies have to learn to be potty trained! It isn't a real problem unless they are scared or showing anxiety. Keep training them to go out the door and reward them for peeing outside and soon enough, they'll be potty trained in no time!

Dr. Bone, I recently adopted a Husky, and he's been tearing up everything in the house! Do you have any tips for high energy dogs? -Nicholas

Dr. Bone: Nicholas, yes I do! The first would be to research before adopting! Some dog breeds require lots of exercise and have lots of energy. Huskies are some of the most energetic dogs I know! Take them for multiple walks a day, take them running, and give them access to the outdoors via a pet door!

Dr Bone, I want to get a dog but my wife thinks we should get a cat. What do you think? -Don

Dr. Bone: Don, do you want to know what cats are good for? Lunch! But that's just my opinion. Check out this post to determine if you're a cat person or a dog person. When in doubt, compromise and get both!

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