Dealing with Grief

Crossing the Bridge

What happens to us when our furry friends get their wings? All of a sudden our loved ones are farther from us than ever before. We hear a lot of incredible stories between humans and their pets. Our pet door experts gathered the best questions and concerns pet parents have after a loss.

When Will it Get Better?

There is never a “right” answer to this question. Everyone will tell you the “with time…” phrase. While it may get old, it could be hard for others to empathize if they have never experienced the loss of a loved one. Everything is different. One of our own had an experience with a vet which helped him. While this is a difficult time, eventually there is an understanding that timing says it all. Your four-legged angel has reached their peak happiness, living a life full of love. Nothing can make your feelings every go away, however, at a certain point you can reach a peace of mind knowing you did everything you could with what you had. Remember to not blame yourself. Revisiting that kind of negative thinking can only hurt you more in the long run.

Seeking Support

There are so many forums available online dealing with a great magnitude of topics. In these forums, you can become friends with people who have been through the same experiences as you. Here, you may be able to get the kind of consolation you need. Find people you trust. Try asking questions that do not put respondents in a corner. Asking your vet or friend whether they would go through certain procedures may not give you the answer you want to hear. Asking, “what would you do?” is a powerful question which can put extreme pressure on whomever you are asking. Not everyone will be able to identify with your experience, so be sure to share and seek advice wisely.

Thinking of Getting Another Pet?

Allow yourself ample time to consider when you are ready to bring in a new family member. Listen to your needs and feel your comfort zone. Getting a new pet does not mean you are done grieving, nor does it imply you did not take enough time to do so. Everything is at your own pace. For some, an empty home can speed up the healing process with the help of a new friend.  Additionally, another pet does not indicate being a “replacement.” You can never replace a relationship, you can simply create new, meaningful bonds. Please obtain a new pet when you are confident you have worked through your grief up to a certain point you feel comfortable with. Everything is about you and your well being!

Meet a Angel

Cats and dogs can live together as exemplified through Hugo's willingness to make as many friends as possible.Could have been referred to as a ‘gentle giant’ in his heyday. Hugo, when adopted, was supposed to be about 35-40 pounds in weight. Turns out he ended up being 65 pounds! Hugo was raised with cats, granting him versatile friendships breaking the stereotypes. Hugo was especially unique in that he catered to his audience. He knew to be gentle with the frail and elderly, while putting on a playful for the kids. His favorite pastime was walking, where he and his dad made the best memories. Hugo remains part of our family here where he became a Senior Intern due to overwhelming experience with filing paperwork. He had hair like Velcro, which may be a reason why so many gravitated toward him.

We hope through it all, you find peace knowing your life with a best friend meant the world to them.



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