8 Weird Sleeping Positions of Dogs & What They May Mean

Are you curious if your dog is the only one that sleeps in weird positions? The sleeping positions of dogs usually varies with their mood. Sometimes,your dog’s sleeping position can reveal a lot about their personalities. How do your dogs sleep? Comment your thoughts below.

tonks sleeping on side

Corgi falls asleep playing with her toy

1. The Fetal Position

What it looks like: Your dog is curled up with their tail near their head and paws tucked in.

What it means: They may seem tough to the everyday passerby but they are actually quite shy and sensitive. This position provides the greatest amount of security to your dog. These dogs may require some extra care or affection. Physically, they may just be cold and trying to conserve their body heat.

louie curled up thanos curled up

2. The Yearner

What it looks like: Your dog is sleeping on their side with all four paws reaching outwards.

What it means: These dogs are the most easy-going, laid back dogs who are very comfortable in their environment. They are usually friendly towards strangers or other dogs. Even when they are sleeping, they are showing their love and loyalty towards you by reaching their paws out.

tonks sleeping on side tonks chewing toy

3. The Freefallers

What it looks like: Your dog has their front paws straight out in front of them and they back paws stretched out straight out behind them. Their heads are usually sleeping on their paws.  When your dog sleeps with legs straight out it is also called “flooping” and is very common among certain breeds like Corgis. 

What it means: These dogs usually are exceedingly high in energy. If your dog sleeps like this, you have probably witnessed them falling straight into sleep with a *thunk* in the middle of playing. In the free falling sleeping position, these dogs don’t have to waste any of their playing time to walk to and from their bed. After their nap, these fun-loving dogs can easily spring up and get back to business.

20161029_091509 capture-2

4. The Cuddler

What it looks like: Your dog always prefers to be snuggled up with a friend when they sleep.

What it means: These dogs are usually very affectionate but can be quite needy because of it. This usually means that your dog loves you and you make them feel happy and safe. Physically, your body heat may make you the most comfortable bed. If they are cuddling with other dogs or animals, they may feel closely bonded with them. Or they are just friendly. Or there are not enough beds.

capture-4 20160823_100824 dog and cat cuddle

5. The Spoon

What it looks like: One dog back is against another dog’s belly. Sometimes there is a paw in a hugging position. 

What it means: These dogs are usually have a very close relationship to each other. The “big spoon” dog usually offers feelings of comfort and safety to the “little spoon” dog. While the “little spoon” dog may be having a bad day, they can trust that the “big spoon” will be there. In this position, they are not just showing their affection but great loyalty to one another as well.  Beds for very huge dogs come in handy if you have a couple of spooners, even if you have small or medium size dogs.

capture-5 img_2177-1

6. The Burrower

What it looks like: These dogs usually sleeps with blankets, pillows, your clothes… Anything that covers them up.

What it means: These dogs usually require a bit more affection than usual. When they are tucked away, the blankets gives them feelings of comfort and security. Sleeping with blankets or sheets is a great way to calm down anxious dogs. In the wild, some dogs would sleep in close quarters in a den, these may be residual feelings from that time.

20160513_172531 capture-3

7. The Anywhere Sleeper

What it looks like: These dogs can sleep anywhere at any time, in any position. This usually occurs after a long day of play or tearing everything apart.

What it means: These dogs are usually extremely high in energy but are also easily exhausted. This may also mean that they are incredibly confident in the environment that they are in, whether it is the familiarity of the location or the people that they are with. These dogs can be a bit of a troublemaker but that is just one of the ways they show their love.

 2016-10-25 vzm-img_20161022_14155020160911_112907 capture-1

8. The Zombie

What it looks like: These dogs are usually sleeping on their back with their paws in the air, like they just don’t care

What it means: These dogs are generally very relaxed and trusting towards their environment. By exposing their belly, a dog’s most vulnerable area, they are proving that they are secure in their relationship with you. This may also mean that your dog is feeling a bit too warm; this position allows them to cool down quickly.

attach122940_20161026_075831-1 20160421_16400120160415_184550 attach65373_20161030_120522-1


Here is a video of Tonks the Corgi trying her best to get in the bath tub.

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13 thoughts on “8 Weird Sleeping Positions of Dogs & What They May Mean

  1. John

    Dogs are sometimes like us. They have sleeping position that tells their mood, but I didn’t know what kind of mood they have. Thanks for sharing, now I know what mood that my dog has when she sleeps.

  2. Cole Kuhnsman

    Some of these sleeping positions are so funny! I need to pay more attention to my dog’s sleeping habits.

    1. Sharee

      Our dog always sleeps with his head under the bed. He likes having his face covered when he sleeps. Whats that about.

      1. Edgar Gonzalez

        Your pup sounds adorable! The covering of their face can be an extension somewhat of “the burrower” mentioned above. Hiding their face may give your pup an added sense of security and comfort when they sleep.

  3. Tara

    My pup loves to sleep with his head hanging off whatever it is he’s sleeping on. I try to fix it but he’ll move just to flop the head back overboard. I worry about his neck and wonder if ,like humans , dogs get head rushes from being upside down too long.