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Dog in santa hat - pet Christmas gifts While the children are ripping open their presents on Christmas morning, you will want to make sure that your beloved furry friend also has something special to unwrap. Don't forget, it's their Christmas too! Think a little bit outside the box this year -- don't limit your shopping to the pet store's bargain bin for your pet stocking stuffers. From dog bowls to cat toys, you can find options that are wonderful for your pet that won't break the bank. The best gifts for dog lovers are dogs themselves, so show your appreciation for them. These are our favorite gifts for dog owners and cat lovers!

Pet Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Organic Rope Toys: Everyone knows that dogs love to chew, but some owners aren't aware that some dog toys on the market are simply not safe. Organic rope toys give your dog something hearty to chew on that will occupy him for hours — but you can rest easy knowing it's made of the best materials that will not harm him in any way, unlike an artificial fiber.

To-go Water Bowl: According to Vetstreet, this type of product is one of the must-have dog gifts. There is nothing more important than keeping your pet hydrated on long walks. These dog bowls can snap onto a leash or belt loop. Some of these bowls are BPA-free and come with screw-on lids to keep water locked in tight. Chances are you will be able to find them in lots of different colors, so you can choose your favorite.

Feather Dangler: Sometimes it's hard to get gifts for cats, given that they prefer boxes to toys. However, this festive feather toy is sure to drive them up a wall -- literally! One brand, designed by no less than lifestyle maven Martha Stewart, is a top choice by cat health experts. A feather arrangement hanging from a stick brings out even the most pampered housecat's "tiger" instinct. Your cat will have a riot chasing and pouncing after it, and you will love seeing your kitten so happy.

Natural Cat Treats: The typical packaged treats probably taste good to your cat but that doesn't mean they are good for your feline friend. Consider stuffing your kitty's stocking with all-natural treats made with healthy ingredients such as fish oil for a shiny coat. Gifts are all well and good, but treats are what complete the perfect cat christmas!

New Grooming Supplies: Fur that becomes matted can cause serious health issues for your pet! Oils from your pet's skin mixed with dirt and dust from the outdoors can accumulate under matted fur and cause painful skin infections, and mats can pull and stretch the skin. If you don't already brush your pet regularly, consider starting with a brand new brush!

Reflective Collar Accessories: Some gifts for dogs are for safety as much as fun. With the shorter days of winter, your evening walks are now in the dark! Why not spruce up your pooch's walking gear with some new reflective additions? It will not only help you see your dog, but it will help drivers see your dog in the road if they were to cross paths.

Puzzle Toys: Why settle for a simple chew toy or ball to chase? There are tons of creative puzzle toys out there for both dogs and cats! Engage your pet's mind with something interactive that they have to solve to get a treat. On a budget? Find an easy DIY toy to make for your pets this Christmas! Find some great ideas on Pinterest.

Better Pet Door: How's your pet door looking? Is it close to the end of its days, beyond repair and without a replacement flap? Maybe it's time to invest in a high quality, long-lasting pet door! Check out the Endura Flap, it has a 15 year warranty on the flap! Your pets love you unconditionally; show them how much you appreciate them with stocking stuffers and lots of treats. Remember, a dog's Christmas gifts should be fun, healthy, and good for them! If you want to take the DIY route for a christmas dog gift, you can check out these homemade pet treats and tips for using household items as toys for your pet!

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