7 New Years Resolutions for Pet Owners

dog smiling about a happy new year with dogs - new years petsKeeping pets healthy is extremely important to pet owners. Good pet health promotes longer lives, more active lifestyles, and overall happier pets. Sometimes, however, learning how to keep your dog healthy can be tough!

Follow these dog new year resolutions for a happy, healthy pet. We love celebrating a happy New Year with dogs! With the New Year comes new responsibilities and new resolutions.

Whether you’re thinking about buying or adopting in 2013, or have been a pet owner for decades, incorporating your pet into your own New Years resolutions can be a fun and healthy way of keeping your pets in good shape. The following is a list of New Years resolutions you can make with your furry four-legged friend(s):

  1. Almost everyone promises him or herself they’ll lose weight in the New Year. Why not give your dog the same resolution? Include your dog in a local race, or simply make your bi-daily walks longer! Want more tips on how to keep your dog healthy? Keep reading and make a list of "Dog New Year Resolutions" to coincide with your own!
  2. To say "Happy New Year dogs!", resolve to floss your own teeth at night while also resolving to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. This may not feel like a high-priority part of your nightly routine, but it is one of the best things for your dog. Incorporating a regular dental regimen can help lengthen your pets life-cycle and prevent serious oral problems, not to mention cure bad puppy breath!
  3. If you don’t want fast food for every meal then don’t feed it to your dog either! Yes, eating healthier is more expensive – for both of you – but it’s worth it to maintain proper health.
  4. Proper tagging is an essential responsibility pet owners face. It can be as simple as getting a new not-so-ragged collar, or as extensive as imbedding microchips.
  5. No one likes going to the doctor. However, if part of your resolution includes annual or semi-annual check-ups, then the same goal applies for the healthy pet! Annual wellness checks will keep your pet healthy and might even preemptively prevent spending boatloads down the road on medicines if an issue is caught early.
  6. Everyone loves being pampered! For an extra-happy new year with dogs and cats alike, consider going to a professional groomer, they'll feel like a million bucks!
  7. Last but certainly not least – for a happy new year dogs will love more playtime with you. Engaging with your dog is proven to help stimulate their mind and keep their mental health in top shape. Bonus tip: to wish your cat happy new year, a little catnip goes a long way!
Remember, healthy pets are happy pets! If you incorporate these dog New Year resolutions, you'll both have a great start for making 2013 a terrific year! And for those of you with feline companions, we wish your cat Happy New Year!
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