Choosing the Right Pet For Your Family

So you’re adding a member to your family; you’ve got a lot to consider. Opening your home up to a pet is a major step, so we’re here to help! Here are some points to help you choose the right pet for your home.

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First, you should think about why you’d like to have a pet in your home. Is this going to be your pet “soul-mate,” or will your new friend serve as a bodyguard? You could just want a cute pet to hold and sit in your lap, or even someone for children to play with. There are many breeds to suit your needs (check out this article about what dog breed best matches your personality), just be sure to have a clear idea of what you expect from your new fuzzy friend.


If there’s anything to consider when adding a pet to your home, it’s definitely time. Your availability should factor into what kind of pet you decide on. Some don’t require as much attention and will complement a busy lifestyle. If you don’t have much free time, consider a pet that requires little exercise, attention, and grooming. Now, if you plan to spend countless hours with your new companion, be sure to choose a pet that is friendly, playful, and loves lots of attention.


Sure, there’s the initial purchase of your pet, but there are also recurring costs that you should account for, such as food, grooming, and healthcare. Smaller pets tend to eat less, and pets with shorter fur generally require less grooming. Decide how much money you plan to invest in your pet each month, and make sure that your budget can accommodate all that you’ll need to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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Your Current Family

You might be excited to welcome a new pet into your home, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Discuss this matter with any family or roommates, as this choice will affect them as well. Agree on the areas where your pet will be allowed, and which areas are off-limits. Be sure to find out if anyone has any pet allergies as well; you want this to be a harmonious living arrangement.


Pets have different temperaments. Think about how you’d like to be greeted when you come home; a rush of furriness, a casual pass, or maybe no greeting at all. Your pet’s personality is going to determine what sort of behavior it exhibits. It’ll also determine how active it is. If you’re a laid-back sort of pet owner, you don’t want Fido pummeling you with paws each time you enter. Check our blog post on the top 3 types of pet owners to figure out which category you fall under.

When you find yourself with the right pet for you and your family, it's also good to consider installing a pet door for your doggy or kitty! See? Choosing a pet is no simple task – there is so much to consider! Here are some pet facts about dogs and cats that might help you with your decision! Anything we forgot? Let us know. Otherwise, happy pet choosing!

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