Customer Review: How to Install the Endura Flap Pet Door always appreciates any customer reviews that we receive, but we felt this particular review deserved to be featured. Below is an excerpt of a post written by Robert Robillard, blogger at He gives a detailed walkthrough of the doggie door installation process of our Endura Flap Pet Door, complete with videos and photos. Thanks Robert!

Endura Flap Pet Door Installation

In a perfect world, my two Labrador pups would let themselves in and out of the house as needed – and make their own dinner! Although we don’t live in a perfect world that doesn’t mean we don’t strive for greater efficiency and better solutions. My search for this led me to install a pet door. In this article, I offer you my thoughts and tips on how to choose, measure for, and install a quality pet door.

What’s a Pet Door?

A pet door, also known as a cat door and dog door, is a small portal in a wall, window or door to allow pets to enter and exit a house on their own.

doggie door installations are easy with this Endura Flap pet door

The Value of a Pet Door

These doors are great for allowing your pet free access to the outdoors, providing emergency egress in case of a fire or other emergency, assisting when potty training and also allowing guard dogs access to the property. It’s also a great feature for pet owners who work long hours and want their pets to have free access to a fenced-in yard or other location. A pet door eliminates the need to rely on neighbors or friends to let your pet out.

Types of Pet Doors?

Today’s pet doors have spring-loaded, flexible flap doors with strong magnets to close and seal the door flap from the weather. Some pet doors are electronically controlled by an RFID chip on the animal's collar. The RFID chip unlocks the pet door as the animal approaches and locks it after they pass through. The most common pet door is the flap door which is also the most cost-effective and easiest to install. Most folks don’t opt for the more complicated electronic door unless they have security issues or are concerned with stray animals entering the home. Other issues with electronic doors include battery failure in the animal’s collar or, should the collar be removed or lost, failure of the pet door to open. How To Install A Pet Door Video:
We find that a lot of people struggle with installing dog doors in walls, so we really appreciate the help, Robert! To read the rest of Robert's blog or to see photos and an additional video on temperature testing, visit!
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