Customer Video Contest Update

In addition to photo contests, also does Video Contests! Prizes are going to the top two video submissions. First place receives $100 and second place receives $50 for purchases. Submit a video for a chance to win! Entries should be sent to Remember: The winner is the video with the most LIKES & SHARES combined. These are for likes and shares on Facebook and Instagram. Take a look at our entries so far. We have had so much fun getting an inside look at your furry friends. Video #1 [embed][/embed] Must love dogs! We all know they are man’s best friend. Enjoy this video of an overly excited dog to be back with his human. This would be a great time for them to invent collars to understand your pet. Smile away! Video #2 [embed][/embed] Nothing like a good meal after a hard day’s work. Check out this adorable puppy taking a munch out of his appropriately sized doggy bowl. The noises! The tail! Cuteness overload. Video #3. [embed][/embed] Do you also have a large, active dog? Sometimes they just need their own door to get in and out of the house. This thundering dog is easily passing through a glass installed pet door. For information on his dog door preference, check out the Endura Flap. Video #4 [embed][/embed] Bolt! This good dog could join a pet olympics if they wanted to. We love this installation as it looks so clean and professional. If you are interested in this flap, check out Ideal Pet Products. What better thing to do after hanging outdoors than to come in for some bed chewing…we all know that feeling right? Video #5 Cat attack! Ever buy your pet a toy they don’t even use? Instead, they go for a toilet paper roll or something that is definitely not a toy?! This cat is the culprit of all culprits! We don’t have any chew-proof shoes for this cat owner. Good luck against the fight little shoe! Enjoy this cute cat and its shoe buddy: Video #6 We raise a great importance on measuring your pets. If you have a small dog or cat and a large pup, maybe you need two doors! This video was submitted showing an unlikely, but cute intruder through a kitty door. Take a peek with us! What would you do if you saw this coming through your door? Video #7 Taking a leap of faith in and out...that’s how easy this patio insert makes it for your pet. Looks like this dog is having fun too! There must be a good breeze outside because look at that beautiful mane. Thank you to everyone for all entries! We have enjoyed this video contest and wish luck to all participants! Results coming in soon. For more dose of dog, check our social media on Facebook and Instagram. We have good stuff too... Your Friends at

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