Why Dogs Are Better Than Valentine’s Day Dates

Every year we experience this. The shine of a new year begins to fade as January wraps up, and stores begin to stock up on all things pink, red and heart-shaped. It must be February! I’m going to come right out and say it: I experience extreme dread every year leading up to Valentine’s Day.

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Mikey and Cooper

Even when I was a kid, I would get nervous that the crayon drawing for my parents wouldn’t be enough to showcase my love, or that they would know I was more focused on the cartoon I was watching while I scribbled away. In middle school I grew up thinking that the mature thing to do once you turned 11 was to give a girl a teddy bear as a romantic gesture. I was wrong. I’ve tried it all— from going incognito with my affection and leaving notes and flowers (only to find that somebody else took credit for it), to making a special (and expensive!) dinner for my date and burning the whole thing to oblivion. Even now when I have a loving partner and a stable relationship, I still worry that I won't be able to fully display my affection.

But you know what I found? There’s a solution to all of this that is easy, simple, and effective: Disregard Valentine’s Day entirely and just pour all of your affection and love into your pet. Make it a day to celebrate all the days in the year that your pet loves you unconditionally. Dogs are the greatest gifts for dog owners! Think about it: has a dog ever not shown up to a date with you? Nope! Has a dog ever scoffed at a teddy bear that you gave them? They might rip it to shreds, but they will do so with JOY and APPRECIATION in their hearts. Dog Dinners? Cheap, and no cooking required, and they ALWAYS find it to be delicious. Do you have to dress up in tight or uncomfortable clothing to impress your dog? You can, but they really can’t tell the difference.

Here’s a more straightforward list of reasons why a dog Valentine is the best Valentine:

  • Dogs can’t eat chocolate. No need to share with your dog dates!
  • Dogs don’t expect anything. Like anything at all. Just being there with you is a bonus. Although they would certainly appreciate some dog-related gifts.
  • Dog’s won’t break up with you and then date your friends.
  • Dog’s don’t care if you eat too much and don’t feel sexy.
  • Dogs won’t buy those awful candy hearts for you (seriously they’re the worst).
  • Dogs are furry, and perfect for snuggling.

There you have it. If you have any objections to this, feel free to comment and try to change my mind. (Pro Tip: You can’t). Dogs and their people make for the perfect Valentine's Day team. Need some gift ideas for dogs? Valentine's Day gifts for a dog don't have to be elaborate! Dog related gifts are pretty easy to put together. A pack of their favorite treats or a new toy are the perfect gifts for dogs to enjoy.

Remember to be thankful towards your pet during other holidays like Thanksgiving and President's Day Dog Appreciation!

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Jeffrey Magnusson

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