How Engaging is Your Pet's Lifestyle?

Wondering how to make your dog happy? Thinking about your pet's health? They're more connected than you might think! Keeping your pet happy and healthy often go hand in hand. There are even indoors activities for dogs and outdoor exercises for cats! Your pet might not be getting the enrichment they need, so read on to learn the best way to keep healthy pets!

Think about what dogs were bred for, and what cats would do if they were allowed the freedom of being outside. Many dog breeds were bred for herding, protecting, retrieving. Cats were made to be independent hunters. These jobs didn't allow for 8 hour couch days followed with sleep during the night!

Without proper enrichment, your pet's health can be put at risk as well as their mental wellbeing, which can mean bad news for your home. Bad habits such a chewing on furniture, raiding the trash, and destroying your shoes can all result from boredom. This is especially true during colder months. Exercising your dog in hot weather can be dangerous too! Consider pool time and swimming fun!

Exercise your dog!

One of the best ways to enrich your pet's life is of course, more exercise. Allowing your dog constant access to their backyard by installing a pet door can help by adding extra room to run, as well as more sights to see. Wondering how to exercise your dog in the winter? Check out these 7 Tips for Keeping your Dog Active during the cold season. It has some great inside exercises for your dog!

Cats need exercise, too!

Sometimes, it's hard to allow cats outside but opening up some windows and sticking a perch next to a couple will give them more things to climb as well as things to see. You might also want to set up an outdoor "catio" that is fully enclosed and therefore a safe way for kitty to get some outside time! Take a look at our cat doors to provide access to one of these.

two dogs balancing treats - how to make your dog happy

Play Smart!

Something that is often forgotten is the mental stimulation that all creatures need to live healthy lives. Animals were designed to look for their meals, not have them handed to them everyday. Before you leave the house in the morning, try hiding treats and food around the house for your pet to find while you are at work! You can even get toys specifically made to slowly dispense food, or puzzle toys that your pet has to solve to get the treat. Tug of war and other fun activities are great ways to exercise your dog in the winter!

Teaching your pets fun tricks like treat balancing is an excellent way to challenge their minds while also bonding with your pet. Remember, keep a pet healthy, keep a pet thinking, and you'll keep your pet happy!

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