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A black and white Border Collie sitting on a playground playset while enjoying a beautiful day outside. is proud to sponsor a scholarship for California current and future college students to help further their education and give back to the community. We want to reward hardworking students who are active in their community and who appreciate pets as much as we do. Read how to apply below.

Award Amount

The award is one $1,000 scholarship, paid directly to the financial aid office.


  • Submit a 1000-1500 word engaging essay or story about the role of pets in people’s lives. It can be your personal story or a research article addressing the topic, for example: the evolution of pets throughout history, the rewards of owning a pet, studies on pet's intelligence, the benefits of having pets, or any creative and engaging way to explain how animals impact our lives. You can write from the perspective of your field of study or as a pet lover, you can add photos, graphs and videos to help us understand your story.  Surprise us, dazzle us. Life is better with a dog, show us why!
  • Additionally, you must include a note or video on how your degree will allow you to help people. This can be as long or short as you want to. If you are a kinesiology major, tell us how pets help physical health or answering the question of "does owning a dog reduce stress?"
  • The winning piece will be published on the blog, which is read by thousands of people every month. This is a great opportunity if you are interested in writing online and building your portfolio.


Applicants must be an incoming freshman or continuing undergraduate student at any of the participating schools. You must have no affiliation to or Patio Pacific. Only one application allowed per person per year.


Essays will be judged on their creativity, impactfulness, and overall presentation. judges will review the essays and pick their favorite. The winner will be notified by email within two weeks of the due date and announced on the blog.

Due Date

All applications are due by December 1st, 11:59 pm PST. Submission From your .edu email, send your essay as a .pdf file to along with your name, major and student ID number.

We look forward to reading your essays!

Ricky Tan

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Ricky Tan

Product Development Engineer

Pets: Looking to get a tortoise or bearded dragon.

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