Tips for Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorations

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone! Trimming trees, hanging mistletoe, the sweet scent of cookies and other delicious baked good lingering in the air and so much more. There are several precautions, however, that need to be taken in order to keep your precious pets safe and happy this holiday season. Whether you own cats, dogs, or another type of pet, it is important to ensure that your home is pet-friendly during this festive time of year. Mav and Loki in a great dog santa costume and dog christmas outfits posing for dog christmas photos

Pet Friendly Holiday Decoration Tips: 

  1. Avoid tinsel and imitation snow. This can cause serious internal irritation if ingested.
  2. Skip the holly berries. These innocent berries are potentially toxic if consumed in large quantities and can lead to significant medical complications.
  3. If you have cats, avoid having poinsettias in your home. While these beautiful red flowers bring Christmas cheer to any room, they are anything but cheerful for the felines in your life. These flowers are poisonous and cats can become very ill if they eat them. If someone does give you a poinsettia plant, keep it out of reach so your pets are not at risk.
  4. Place your edible decor out of Fido’s reach. Many people use strings of popcorn and candy canes to decorate their Christmas trees, but as a pet owner, you should make sure these decorations are high up on the tree where animals cannot get to them. It is never a good idea for pets to ingest human food.  This doesn't mean they have to miss out on all the fun though! Gifts for dogs can be as simple as a packet of their favorite treats!
  5. Properly secure your Christmas tree. Your playful puppy and frisky kitten are not going to stop frolicking just because you have a tree in your home. A pet proof Christmas tree is a must for the holidays. For a dog and cat safe Christmas tree, secure or anchor it to the wall or floor. It's no surprise that puppies and Christmas trees don't mix! Consider blocking your tree off with a baby gate to keep you pup (and your tree!) out of harm's way. A cat friendly Christmas tree requires a little extra effort because they might try to climb up it, so make sure you work to prevent this.
  6. As the snow gently falls outside and the holiday music plays in the background, candles provide the perfect touch to the holiday ambiance in your home. Pet owners, however, need to make sure that all open flames are high up so that pets do not accidentally knock the candles over or burn themselves while walking by.
  7. Cats love to climb, and may want to treat your beautifully decorated Christmas tree as their own personal jungle gym. Providing cats with an alternative climbing tree is a great idea! There are many different cat tree options available for purchase, or you can even make your own if you are a DIY kinda person.  dog wondering about pet proof christmas trees, gifts for dogs, and cat friendly christmas trees

The holidays are a special time of year, and it is important for pets to enjoy the season as well. By putting in a little extra effort during the decorating process with these pet friendly holiday decorations you can ensure that your furry friends remain safe, happy and warm all holiday season long. But enough about what NOT to do.  Remember your dog or cat as you are picking out holiday gifts – everyone enjoys a special treat or a new toy once in a while. Plus, cat and dog presents are the most fun to shop for! Some of the best Christmas gifts for your dog are as simple as a pack of their favorite treats or an extra-special bone. A fun way to celebrate Christmas with your pets is to dress them up in cat or dog Christmas outfits. A dog Santa Costume is an absolutely adorable way to celebrate the holiday spirit, just make sure your pup is comfortable! Don't forget to take some dog Christmas photos like the one above to commemorate the special time. However you choose to celebrate, we would like to wish you and your pets a very happy holiday season!

As the holiday season gets closer, the weather gets colder! If your pet isn't blessed with a natural sweater, you can consider getting them a sweater for the chilly winter days!

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