Why is PetDoors.com a great place to work?

PetDoors.com is a growing eCommerce website that is the best place to buy a dog door online. It’s also a great place to work in San Luis Obispo for efficiency driven, hardworking teammates looking for an opportunity to grow with a company. We are always on the lookout for bright, talented pet-lovers that can help us improve the user experience for our customers. Loving dogs is a requirement! Since we are a company that revolves around products for dog lovers, we need to be able to share that common interest. Also, we have numerous dogs around the office and if you do not love dogs, you probably will not enjoy it here! While experience is nice, we’ll gladly take bright and motivated applicants and train. For all positions, to weed out the applicants that don’t read this page make sure your cover letter is addressed to your favorite dog on our staff. If your dog gets along with everyone he or she is welcome to join! 

The company realizes that happy teammates that enjoy what they are doing get the most done so we’ve structured our organization to try to optimize your responsibilities. We work together to try to get everyone into their “magic orange” spot:


Open Positions


Junior Web Developer

PetDoors.com is a growing eCommerce website, receiving over 120k unique visitors per month. We sell a huge variety of pet doors that gives dogs easier access in and out of the house without waiting for their owners - you could say we help give them a new leash on life!

We're looking for a web developer that wants to grow with the company and take ownership of the code they write. Your day-to-day might consist of:

  • Developing full stack web applications using PHP and MySQL on our Magento eCommerce platform
  • Identifying potential UI/UX problems and designing solutions to address them
  • Creating utility programs/scripts using Python or C# to increase team productivity
  • Squashing bugs that hamper our customer's shopping experience
  • Integrating third-party APIs to expand our business capabilities
  • Writing test code, expanding our documentation, and participating in code reviews to ensure the health of our codebase


We're looking for someone who has:

  • At least 1 year's experience with any of the following: PHP, Python, or C#.
  • Experience with front-end technologies, such as Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Experience consuming REST APIs
  • Experience working with SQL
  • Ability to pick up unfamiliar concepts quickly
  • Knowledge of version control (git)
  • Familiarity with OOP concepts
  • Working knowledge of the Unix shell
  • A sense of humor


Bonus points if you have:

  • Previous Magento development experience
  • Experience utilizing Test Driven Development
  • Built a robust web site or application 
  • A soft spot in your heart for dogs of all shapes and sizes

To weed out applicants that don't read carefully, make sure you include a cover letter, addressed to one of our office dogs, with the word "monkey" in it somewhere. If you have any code samples (no longer than 200 lines) that you're particularly proud of, please submit it as well.

Please submit your resume and application materials as separate PDFs to careers@petdoors.com with the following subject line: "[Your Name Here] - Jr. Web Developer"


Chief Operating Officer

The COO will be responsible for overseeing the day to day activities and to execute the company’s annual operating plan. 

Design a system to prioritize projects based on a probabilistic ROI so that we can work on the lowest risk/highest upside projects sequentially and use their success to fund future projects. New system is implemented in 3 months, data is collected within 6 months and calibrating feedback loop in integrated within 9 months that shows the results from funded projects to be within 30% of projected ROI’s.

Develop an inventory tracking procedure that integrates with our current order processing system so that we decrease not in stocks by 90% within 6 months.

Improve production efficiency by 5% within the first 6 months and 10% within the first 12 months by running time studies and implement improvements to identify and remove manufacturing inefficiencies and implementing a 5S system with the necessary maintenance procedures and feedback loop to ensure it improves over time.

Decrease time to integrate new suppliers by 50% within 12 months by auditing technical documentation and updating it with key supplemental information.

Decrease COGS by redesigning parts and negotiating better deals to lower unit costs of our core products by 3% within 12 months.

Increase team production efficiency by 10% in 12 months by designing and implementing a system of KPI’s that are clear and easy to understand and update across production and shipping to get the team focused on the tasks that matter. Add structure for our production overhead to decrease time on overhead by 10% in 6 months.

Find areas in production and shipping that could benefit from automation that pays for itself within 3 years

To weed out the applicants that don’t read the full job description, make sure you include a cover letter and that the cover letter has the word ‘monkey’ somewhere in it.


Digital Marketing Manager

Grow revenue from organic traffic 10% within 12 months by finding efficient SEO opportunities that can yield 80% of the results in 20% of the time of traditional methods

Implement a system that shakes out the noise of search to measure the true improvement from our SEO efforts. Within 3 months build a model is built that accurately forecasts incremental improvements of future data within 20%.

Within the first 6 months become the team leader in completed SEO tickets while also increasing team production by 50% breaking up SEP projects into smaller pieces that can be done by a group of less experienced teammates.

Paid Search gross profit is up 10% in the first 6 months by integrating customer service’s knowledge through our PPC campaigns to leveraging their customer insight.

Increase Paid Search gross profit from the 50% highest volume keywords is up 10% in the first 6 months by identify which keywords would most benefit from custom landing pages and leading the effort to execute the necessary page design

Grow gross profit from referrals by 20% within 12 months by strategically finding partners that can get our products in front of new customers we couldn’t get otherwise

Increase gross profit per user by 5% within 12 months by building a culture that follows ConversionXL methodology and identifying and executing web improvements.

Increase gross profit from Amazon by 15% in 12 months by systematically improving our Amazon product pages and maximizing our Amazon search traffic.

Grow the gross profit generated by our Amazon Ads 20% by leveraging our PPC and Google Search Console data and scaling to Amazon.

Increase international gross profit by 30% within 6 months by developing system to ship key items from international warehouses so we can give better UX to customers and setting up PPC campaigns to drive geo targeted, cost effective traffic to key international Amazon pages

To weed out the applicants that don’t read the full job description, make sure you include a cover letter and that the cover letter has the word ‘monkey’ somewhere in it.

Email careers@petdoors.com to learn more about why PetDoors.com is one of the best places to work in San Luis Obispo or to apply.