Why is PetDoors.com a great place to work?

PetDoors.com is a growing eCommerce website that is the best place to buy a dog door online. It’s also a great place to work in San Luis Obispo for efficiency driven, hardworking teammates looking for an opportunity to grow with a company. We are always on the lookout for bright, talented pet-lovers that can help us improve the user experience for our customers. Loving dogs is a requirement! Since we are a company that revolves around products for dog lovers, we need to be able to share that common interest. Also, we have numerous dogs around the office and if you do not love dogs, you probably will not enjoy it here! While experience is nice, we’ll gladly take bright and motivated applicants and train. For all positions, to weed out the applicants that don’t read this page make sure your cover letter is addressed to your favorite dog on our staff. If your dog gets along with everyone he or she is welcome to join! 

The company realizes that happy teammates that enjoy what they are doing get the most done so we’ve structured our organization to try to optimize your responsibilities. We work together to try to get everyone into their “magic orange” spot:


Open Positions


Junior Web Developer

PetDoors.com is a growing eCommerce website that sells an array of pet doors that gets over 120k unique users per month. We are looking for a 1st or 2nd year Cal Poly student to add to our web dev team that wants to grow with the company and incrementally increase their responsibilities through 2018 (and preferably beyond). This would be a part time job (18-25 hours/week) with flexible hours to accommodate your class schedule.

By working for our eCommerce company, you will not only work on the website but will also familiarize yourself with the business and interact with customers for a well-rounded experience.

In your first 90 days you’ll complete 100 usability and UX tickets of known issues to improve our website using a combination of skills ranging between PHP, HTML/CSS, Python, GIT, XML, Google Analytics, Linux, JavaScript, C/C++ and SQL. Experience with these is not necessary, but you must be able to learn quickly and have a willingness to work hard.

Within your first 6 months you’ll identify, prioritize and implement advanced UX enhancements by expanding on what you’ve learned while digging through session recordings, heatmaps, A/B testing, and other types of user insights.

Within twelve months, you will play an integral part of the web dev team that increases the conversion rate by 15% over the prior year.

You will collaborate and work closely with our current web developers to develop overarching strategies to improve our website. If you really want to have an opportunity to showcase your solid coding logic and ability to pick up new concepts while making a real impact on a business, apply today. To weed out the applicants that don’t read the full job description, make sure you include a cover letter and that the cover letter has the word ‘monkey’ somewhere in it. Loving dogs is also required! We have numerous dogs around the office and if you don’t love dogs, you probably wouldn't enjoy it here!


Client and Sales Specialist

Right now we are looking to hire a smart and motivated individual to assist with client relations and to boost sales. Our goal is to have a seamless connection between our inventory data and all of our distributors, including Amazon and Home Depot. We need a bright individual to evaluate the current method of placing and receiving orders with all of our business to business accounts, and to research whether there is a more efficient method of doing so. This will allow PetDoors.com to establish a better rapport with our largest accounts, which could lead to an increase in orders and ultimately the Endura Flap appearing in more brick and mortar stores. This position will also reach out to direct customers through multiple outlets; including direct chat, email, and phone calls. The goal of this is to increase sales while improving customer satisfaction

Because we are a small business, we offer our employees a unique opportunity that is hard to find elsewhere: responsibility. Your job here won’t be to repeat one mundane task over and over again like a drone, but instead many of the day to day tasks that are necessary for the business to survive will fall on your shoulders. Because of this, our employees have a sharp learning curve regarding industry. Expect to learn real life skills that are crucial to success in your position at any business. Petdoors.com is also offering you a unique opportunity to carve out your own niche. You will always be asked to perform the base requirements of this position, but we want you working on what interests you the most, as that is best for the company. So this position comes with the flexibility for you to shape your daily duties around your own interests. This position will give you real life experience and flexibility that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. To weed out the applicants that don’t read the full job description, make sure you include a cover letter and that the cover letter has the word ‘monkey’ somewhere in it. Loving dogs is also required! We have numerous dogs around the office and if you don’t love dogs, you probably wouldn't enjoy it here!


Manufacturing Technician

We are looking for an efficiency driven teammate to add to our production staff. You will join a crew that builds over 10,000 pet doors each year that is meticulous about quality from all aspects of the product life. Being able to work within tight tolerances to produce only outstanding quality products is required. Immediate part-time openings to join our production team.

Successful applicants have high mechanical aptitude and familiarity with hand and industrial tools, safe shop procedures and are efficiency driven. Performance based pay depending on ability with future engineering opportunities available as well. Must be available to work full time over the summer.

It's great manufacturing experience that helps develop future engineers. Since there is a lengthy learning curve while in training, we want applicants that are looking to work at least through 2017 (sorry but no graduating seniors). There are future opportunities in the supply chain and process improvement areas with future engineering opportunities available as well. To weed out the applicants that don’t read the full job description, make sure your cover letter has the word 'monkey' in it.


Production Supervisor

We are looking to add a Production Supervisor to our team to improve our production performance.
Within 6 months improve our team efficiency by 15%

  • Develop detailed understanding of production process within 30 days
  • Design process to improve our non-production activities by 20% within 60 days
  • Create tactical plan of action to improve the build efficiency by 10% within 90 days
Implement a continuous improvement quality system that lowers the product defect rate by 10% within 6 months
  • Within one month create a quality tracking system to accurately assess our progress
  • Within 2 months, develop a structured process to check, report and regularly audit product quality
Improve inventory accuracy by 5% within 90 days
  • Thoroughly go through our composite part structure in our inventory tracking system within 30 days
  • Identify inaccuracies and get to root cause of issues
Improve safety and working conditions
Optimize scheduling



Email careers@petdoors.com to learn more about why PetDoors.com is one of the best places to work in San Luis Obispo or to apply.