Dog Doors for Kennel Use

Dog Doors Intended for Kennel Use

Kennel operators are generally looking for the most durable and dependable pet door to withstand high-impact usage. Our heavy-duty dog kennel door options offer superior durability. Doggie doors included in this section tend to focus more on durability than they do on aesthetics, unlike glass pet doors on sliding glass doors. However, we do sell a lot of these dog doors to homeowners as well who find that these doors fit their particular needs. These are great doors for high-energy, extra-large dogs. Or you could use one of these heavy-duty doors as an outdoor dog house door. You can also use them in a more traditional way, installing them in a back door or wall of your home for your x-large dog. Regardless of where you choose to install your kennel door, you can be certain that you're getting a sturdy, dependable product that will give pets the freedom to come and go as needed.

For information to help in choosing the size, please refer to 'Measure Your Pet'.