Mason Company

  • Cast aluminum frames swing in multiple directions to fit any pet's lifestyle
  • Durable and recommended for kennel use and animal care

The Mason Company was founded in 1892 by Henry Mason in Leesburg, Ohio, a picturesque town located about an hour’s drive from Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton. The Company originally manufactured and sold products for a variety of applications, but since the late 1920s has focused exclusively on animal enclosures and petcare products.

Since that time, Mason has earned a reputation for providing the finest animal enclosures and kennel designs (such as boarding kennels) on the market. Instead of simple fiberglass, we use plexiglass; only the highest grade raw materials (see our product specifications section). Unlike some of our competitors, we manufacture everything here in the U.S. rather than overseas.

The Mason Company has sold and installed more mason kennel systems than anyone else in the world. No matter how unique your needs are, chances are the Mason Company has built it before. We have designed and manufactured systems for veterinary animal hospitals, pet boarding facility, and animal shelter markets, doggy daycares, as well as animal control, breeding, research, zoos, exotic animals – any application where animals need to be enclosed securely, humanely and under demanding conditions. In fact, our products, such as dog kennels, are so well made and durable that they have been deployed alongside our armed forces in such severe, challenging places as Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. You won’t find a better testimonial to the quality of our product than its selection to serve with our armed forces overseas in combat conditions.

Whether it be for dog boarding, doggie day cares, dog training, groomers, or even pet resorts, Mason's kennel dog doors and products are of high quality and are one of the best pet products on the market, for small or big dogs and for any situation.

Mason Company dog doors for kennels, durable and chew-proof doggie door