Pet Doors for Storm Doors

  • Keep your weather-resistant storm door while giving your pet the freedom to come and go as they please
  • Chose from either dozens of pet doors that be installed into your door or a large selection of storm doors with a pet door pre-installed
  • Thin, but heavy-duty pet doors that can withstand most weather conditions

Installing Pet Doors in Storm Doors

Installing a pet door in a storm door is a great home improvement idea so that you can keep your heavy-duty, weather-resistant storm door while also giving your pet the freedom to come and go. Dog doors for storm doors give your pet access to a pet door without cutting a hole in your main door. You can close the main door frame assembly to prevent access to the pet door in the storm door. We have a small selection of entire storm doors with built-in pet doors, but we also have a wide selection of pet doors that you can install in your existing storm door. One of the Glass and Vent Storm Door features the Endura Pet Flap which is the most energy-efficient pet door with fuzzy weatherstripping and sturdy flaps (so you don't need to spend a fortune on replacement flaps).

A Pet Door Installed in a Storm Door for dogs or cats. Great solution for a doggie door.

A Pet Door Installed in a Storm Door

If you're installing a pet door through a storm door, chances are the door material is very thin. This can make storm door pet door installations particularly tricky, so there are certain dog doors for storm doors that will work better than others. If you are looking for a cat door for a storm door install, most of those will accommodate very thin materials already. Make sure the pet door you choose can accommodate the thinness of your door! If you have a glass door storm door, be extra cautious of the type you have because any tempered glass will shatter when cut into. Many customers choose to switch out a bottom glass portion and replace it with a piece of Lexan or Plexiglas and install their doggie door for storm door through that. This also provides a sturdier installation which is especially good if you have larger dogs. If the pets go through and hit the frame on those storm door pet doors they can shatter the regular tempered glass, and this won't happen if it has been replaced.