Wedgit Charley Bar

  • The only door lock that requires no tools or drilling
  • Lock can fit any frame and can withstand up to 600 pounds of pressure

Does your pet door panel get in the way of your sliding window lock? While the adjustability of a doggy door insert makes it ideal for renters, being unable to use the sliding door lock on your sliding glass patio doors can be a major concern for pet owners. Luckily, Wedgit maxi twist tight adjustable sliding window and door security bar is a particularly handy "charlie bar" that is suited for securing a sliding glass door against a patio panel pet door.

Place the bar into the channel of your patio door frame and adjust its size until the sliding door security bar prevents you from opening your door. It's unique pivoting mounting system can be easily DIY installed with Very High Bond (VHB) tape to your patio door frame at a height convenient for you and will swing back for easy storage. With the deluxe Wedgit charlie bar, you will no longer need to rely on your patio door lock and other sliding door hardware to keep intruders out.

Charlie bars are useful for security purposes apart from pet doors. Charlie bars have a long-standing reputation of outperforming and reinforcing any security lock without the use of tools. The Wedgit charlie bar is removable and has easy installation, making it the ideal home improvement project, making it one of our most versatile bestsellers.

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