Installation Instructions - ClearVis Gate

Installation Instructions

installation video image
Installation icon Difficulty Low
Installation icon Steps 6
Installation icon Time Required 0.5 hours
Installation icon Sections 01
Installation icon Flags 00


  • 4 Screws
  • 1 1/8" Drill bit
  • 1 Gate
  • 4 Wall shields
  • 4 Spindles with adjustment wheels


  • Pencil
  • Power drill
  • Screw driver

Please read instructions & notes thoroughly before installation.

Step 1 Insert Spindle Rods

  • Take each spindle rod and attach the adjustment wheel. Insert spindle roads into each corner of the gate.

Step 2 Gate Placement

  • Place your gate into the opening. Rotate the adjustment wheels on the spindle rods until the rubber foot is flat against your wall.

Step 3 Wall Shield Placement

  • Use a pencil to trace the rubber foot on each wall. Remove the gate from the doorway. Use the wall shield to mark each drill location.

Step 4 Drill Hole For Wall Shield

  • Use a power drill to make a ⅛” hole at each of the four screw markings using the included drill bit.

Step 5 Install Wall Shield

  • Install the wall shields by lining up the hole in each wall shield with the hole drilled into the wall. Secure the wall shield into place with a screw. Repeat for each wall shield.

Step 6 Install Gate

  • Install your pet gate. Place the gate in the doorway and rotate the adjustment wheel until each of the spindles are secured in the wall shields.