Ideal Designer Series Ruff Weather Dog Door Wall Kit

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  • Turns your Ruff Weather door mount into a wall mount
  • Tunnel is telescoping, so no need to cut it
  • Accommodates 2"x 4" and 2"x 6" stud walls (4 3/4" - 5 1/4" or 6 3/4"-7 1/4")
  • Doggie door wall kit made for Ruff Weather Pet Doors only

This kit is designed to make installing the Ideal Ruff Weather pet door into a wall easy and hassle-free. The Ruff Weather Wall Kit extends the self-framing feature of the Ruff Weather pet door or the Protector Series pet door to accommodate 2x4 and 2x6 stud walls (thickness range: 4 3/4"  5 1/4" or 6 3/4" – 7 1/4"). You need to purchase the Ideal Designer Series Ruff Weather Pet Door to go with this wall kit. Read on below for Ideal door installation instructions.

Don't already have the Ruff Weather Pet Door? You can get your pet door with all of the Ideal Pet Door parts already included. 

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame Dimension
Small 5" w x 9" h6 1/2" w x 11 1/16" h9" w x 13" h
Medium7 1/4" w x 13" h8 1/2" w x 15" h11 3/8" w x 17 1/2" h
Extra Large 9 3/4" w x 17" h11" w x 19" h14" w x 21 1/2" h
Super Large 15" w x 23 1/2" h16" w x 24 1/4" h19" w x 28 1/5" h

*** This is just the Wall Kit, not the entire pet door! Check out the Ideal Ruff Weather Pet Door

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Installation Instructions

Ideal Ruff Weather Wall Installation Kit

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Do I need to cut the tunnel to fit my door?

No, it is telescoping so you can adjust it to fit your wall thickness.

What is a telescoping tunnel?

The tunnel pieces are made of separate parts where one fits into the other to create a range. This will allow the pet door frame to fit into a wide range without needing to trim the tunnel sections.

What wall thicknesses does this fit?

It fits walls between 4 3/4" - 5 1/4" or 6 3/4" - 7 1/4".

How do I know how thick my wall is?

The easiest way to measure is to measure a door or window in that wall. If you do not have a door or window, you can drill a small hole through the wall to measure.

If my wall is thicker than the adjustment range, can I still use this?

No, it is not recommended to use this for a wall outside the adjustment range because the plastic frame is difficult to cut. You can order the Ruff Weather Door Mount and build your own tunnel to accommodate thicker walls.

Can I use this with a doggy door of another brand?

No, this will only work for Ideal Pet Products Ruff Weather pet door and Weather Protector pet doors.

Is this easy to install?

It depends on how handy you are. Sawing is required, but depending on your specific needs, you may need to caulk or install additional support as well. For more

What does this come with?

This only comes with the tunnel section for the pet door. The actual Ideal Pet Products designer pet door is available here.

Can it fit between studs?

It can in the small, medium, and extra-large sizes. However, the rough cutout size width for the super large is 16 1/4", which could be too wide for most walls. This would need a bit more framing around the opening in the wall to ensure it is stable.

What is the warranty like?

The manufacturer has a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Check out the return policy in our product information tab for further details.

Does the self-framing wall kit work for my Ruff Weather Pet Door?

Yes, four sizes are available and include all you need to convert your door mount into a wall mount.

Where can I buy replacement flaps for the Ruff Weather pet door, which has a double flap design?

You can find replacement vinyl flaps from Ideal Pet Products pet supplies here. If you have a double flap design, make sure you buy two in the proper flap size in order to maintain your door's energy efficiency.



The new and revised warranty that follows this disclaimer supersedes any and all previous warranties of whatever nature or description, whether express, implied or set by law. Any unexpired warranties shall now be governed by the terms of the new warranty for the duration of the existing warranty’s unexpired term.

One Year Warranty:

Ideal’s pet doors are very durable and with the proper care will provide many years of service for you and your pet. Thank you for selecting Ideal for your pet door. However, please be aware the pet doors are not waterproof against inclement weather or any excessive water exposure. The one year warranty set forth below applies to Ideal’s pet door(s).

This product has a One Year Warranty from the date of the purchase of the product to be free of manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials. This express One Year Warranty is limited only to the original purchaser of the product and is non-transferable. Satisfactory proof of purchase must be provided to the manufacturer for this one year warranty to apply. In that case, the manufacturer will replace at no charge to the purchaser the defective part(s). No refunds will be provided to the purchaser. No service contract is being provided under this One Year Warranty. Proof of purchase so that the One Year Warranty may be honored must be made to:

Ideal Pet Products, Inc.

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Attention: Warranty Department

(661) 294-2266 / 1-877-IDEALPET (433-2573)

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This One Year Warranty only applies if the product is used for domesticated animals. The Manufacturer, Ideal, is not responsible and shall not have any liability for any damage to or defects caused by acts of God, criminal activity, dog abuse including, but not limited to chewing on the door, lightening, abuse, alteration, trespassing, children’s use of the product, unauthorized access, entry by non-domesticated or “stray” animals, or any other unintended use or misuse of the product.

The Manufacturer, Ideal, disclaims and excludes any liability for incidental, consequential, punitive, general, special, or other damages arising out of or connected with the purchase, use, or misuse of the product or concerning any warranty herein.

This One Year Warranty shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, USA. Venue shall be with the Los Angeles Superior Court, North Valley District.


This product, or any of its accessories, parts, or attachments may not prevent adults, children, animals, insects, or objects from passing through or using the opening created by the product.

Ideal Pet Products will not be liable for any unintended or accidental usage, misuse, abuse, criminal conduct, water intrusion, acts of god, damages or injuries occurring or accruing from the use of this product except in strict accordance with Ideal's One Year Warranty accompanying the sale of this product to the original purchaser.

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