Ideal Ruff Weather Frame Gasket

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  • Ideal Ruff Weather replacement door frame gasket
  • Compatible with the Ideal Ruff Weather Pet Doors
  • Acts as dog door weatherstripping to prevent moisture and leakage
  • Enough material provided to fit super large sizes
  • Must be trimmed to fit your all-weather dog door

This doggie door frame gasket is a replacement piece for Ruff Weather pet door models. The weather frame gasket is used to aid the silicone sealant in preventing rain and moisture from leaking behind your pet door frame and damaging your door or wall. The frame gasket is the perfect addition for an extreme weather dog door and provides enough material to fit even the Super Large size. If you have a smaller size Ideal Pet Door, you will need to trim the gasket accordingly to fit your flap size. Not the right pet door part for your pet door? Take a look at our full make and model selection of other parts and accessories.



The new and revised warranty that follows this disclaimer supersedes any and all previous warranties of whatever nature or description, whether express, implied or set by law. Any unexpired warranties shall now be governed by the terms of the new warranty for the duration of the existing warranty’s unexpired term.

One Year Warranty:

Ideal’s pet doors are very durable and with the proper care will provide many years of service for you and your pet. Thank you for selecting Ideal for your pet door. However, please be aware the pet doors are not waterproof against inclement weather or any excessive water exposure. The one year warranty set forth below applies to Ideal’s pet door(s).

This product has a One Year Warranty from the date of the purchase of the product to be free of manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials. This express One Year Warranty is limited only to the original purchaser of the product and is non-transferable. Satisfactory proof of purchase must be provided to the manufacturer for this one year warranty to apply. In that case, the manufacturer will replace at no charge to the purchaser the defective part(s). No refunds will be provided to the purchaser. No service contract is being provided under this One Year Warranty. Proof of purchase so that the One Year Warranty may be honored must be made to:

Ideal Pet Products, Inc.

24735 Avenue Rockefeller

Valencia, California, USA 91355

Attention: Warranty Department

(661) 294-2266 / 1-877-IDEALPET (433-2573)

Any and all implied warranties are expressly disclaimed and of no force or effect. These warranties include, but are not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, implied fitness for any intended purpose, and any warranties under the California Song-Beverly Consumer Act.

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This One Year Warranty only applies if the product is used for domesticated animals. The Manufacturer, Ideal, is not responsible and shall not have any liability for any damage to or defects caused by acts of God, criminal activity, dog abuse including, but not limited to chewing on the door, lightening, abuse, alteration, trespassing, children’s use of the product, unauthorized access, entry by non-domesticated or “stray” animals, or any other unintended use or misuse of the product.

The Manufacturer, Ideal, disclaims and excludes any liability for incidental, consequential, punitive, general, special, or other damages arising out of or connected with the purchase, use, or misuse of the product or concerning any warranty herein.

This One Year Warranty shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, USA. Venue shall be with the Los Angeles Superior Court, North Valley District.


This product, or any of its accessories, parts, or attachments may not prevent adults, children, animals, insects, or objects from passing through or using the opening created by the product.

Ideal Pet Products will not be liable for any unintended or accidental usage, misuse, abuse, criminal conduct, water intrusion, acts of god, damages or injuries occurring or accruing from the use of this product except in strict accordance with Ideal's One Year Warranty accompanying the sale of this product to the original purchaser.

Installation Instructions

Ruff Weather Gasket Replacement Instructions

None, as long as pet door is already uninstalled


1. Remove old gasket material

Remove old gasket material

-For easiest removal, lay the frame on a flat surface. The old gasket should just pull out

2. Locate new gasket material

Locate new gasket material

3. Beginning at the bottom-center of the door frame, firmly press the new gasket into channel

The thinner, straight section of the gasket cross-section is what is inserted into the channel

-The thinner, straight section of the gasket cross-section is what is inserted into the channel

4. Continue all the way around the entire door frame

Continue all the way around the entire door frame

5. Complete by lining up gasket material at the bottom-center of the frame

Complete by lining up gasket material at the bottom-center of the frame

-For maximum weather protection, make sure the ends are flush against each other

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