Mason Company Kennel Door Shim and Hinge Accessories

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  • Replacement parts for the Mason Company's Pickwick pet door
  • Choose from heavy or light hinge replacement springs
  • Pick  5/16" shim for models A, B, D, and E
  • Pick 3/8" shim for models C and F

These replacement kennel door parts are for the Mason Company's Pickwick Dog Kennel Doors. This replacement door hardware is for the shims and hinges of Mason company pet products only. Before purchasing pet kennel door parts, make sure you are selecting parts for the correct models. All kennel dog door replacement parts and pet supplies are sold individually, so make sure to order the correct quantity for your door.

Shim and Spring Information for Mason Company Kennels:

  • 3/8"  shim for Pickwick models C and F
  • 5/16" shim for models A, B, D, and E
  • Standard aluminum shims to mount the door to the building
  • Light spring-loaded hinge for all models
  • Heavy spring-loaded hinge for all models
  • Durable spring-loaded hinges keep the door closed to minimize heat and cooling loss


We sincerely believe that our modular animal enclosures are the world’s finest. Over 100 years of quality manufacturing and fair dealing stand behind every product sold by Mason Company.

Mason Company warrants that its products conform to specifications and that they are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from date of purchase (with the exception of Mason stainless steel kennel gates, which are warranted for ten years), except that Mason Company makes no warranties as to items and components furnished and warranted by others. Also with the exception of Pickwick doors. Pickwick door hinges are not under warranty. Normal wear and tear excludes the hinges from warranty.

The sole obligation of Mason Company under this warranty shall be to repair or replace (Mason Company’s option) any products found by Mason Company to be defective or not in conformity, provided that Buyer shall have given written notice to Mason Company specifying said defects and/or nonconformities within 30 days after such conditions should have been discovered.

Mason Company’s obligations are strictly limited to the foregoing which is given in lieu of all other warranties, expressed, implied, or statutory, including warranties of merchantability, quality and fitness for intended purpose or use. Mason Company neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume on its behalf, any other obligation for special or consequential damages, or for any delay in performance of this warranty beyond Mason Company’s control.

Mason Company reserves the right to inspect all materials alleged to be defective or in nonconformance, and Buyer shall hold and protect all products for which Buyer has given notice as stated above until Buyer is instructed to do otherwise by Mason Company. While such products are in Buyer’s possession, Buyer shall be liable for all damages to said products.

Additional Information


Brushed Aluminum


Mason Company Ken'l Doors and Mason Company Pickwick Kennel Doors

Installation Instructions

For the aluminum door mount shims, line up the shims so the center of the shim corresponds to the spring-loaded replacement springs on your kennel door. Drill. If you are using an electric powered drill, make sure to keep the drill nearly vertical. It is recommended to use a center punch to put a small dimple in the aluminum so the drill bit can get started easier without skating around the surface. Keep your bits sharp, and use WD40 or a similar oil-based lubricant to assist in the drill cutting. You will want to put two screws through it for a stable installation.

For the Replacement Shims, you will want to line up the screw holes with the appropriate location on the kennel door, and screw the Shim into both the kennel door and the aluminum shim. Follow the above instructions if needing to cut through the aluminum.


Will the kennel replacement door parts make my door easier to open for my small dog?

No, replacing the shims will not change how well the door kits your small or large dog.

Can I use this to repair my dog crate or pet carrier?

No, this is made for Mason Company single doors for dogs.

Can my dog chew through the hinges?

Most likely not, since they are metal and sturdy. If your dog has a chewing problem, purchasing them more dog toys and using dog treats as an incentive during training will help.

Can I use this to repair my Petsafe or Petmate pet door?

No, you will need to purchase parts specifically for those brands.

Where should I install the Mason Company Pickwick pet door?

You can use it as a classic dog flap to give your pet access in and out of the house. It is also good to use for dog kennels. Some owners install these doors on dog houses in order to protect dog food, dog beds/pet beds, or any other comfort stores inside against the weather. It's the perfect dog door to add to your wish list.

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