Prime Line Charley Bar - Sliding Door Lock

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  • Patio door security bar locks sliding glass door with pet door insert
  • Door bar lock for sliding door installs easily
  • Sleek design is available in white 
  • Patio door lock prevents constant bending over that dowels require
  • Fits tracks 28" - 48" (with patio insert installed)

When purchasing any type of patio pet door, the last thing you want is to worry about is security. Sliding glass door locks eliminate this anxiety, providing a simple and effective method of locking your sliding door to your pet door insert. With more strength than a wooden or plastic dowel, this Charley Bar glass sliding door lock is an economical and reliable solution to securing your patio door.

The sliding door security bar installs behind the sliding glass door and locks the slider against the pet door. This ensures that only someone from the inside of the house can lift the bar to unlock it. These types of sliding glass door security Charley bars have an adjustment range of 28" - 48" to accommodate a wide variety of track lengths. Make sure to measure from the back of the patio pet door insert installed against the sliding glass door jamb to ensure that the lock for sliding glass doors will fit your track

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