Endura Flap™ Additional Magnet Kit

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The Endura Flap Additional Magnet Kit includes two magnets and 1 magnet carrier.

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Endura Flap™ Additional Magnet Kit
For greater weather seal add magnets at the bottom of flap

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The Endura Flap Additional Magnet Kit includes two magnets and 1 magnet carrier.

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionEmpty Magnet Pair SpacesStock Nr.
Small6" w x 11" h8 3/8" w x 15" h9 7/16" w x 15 3/4" h


19PP25 (Small)
Medium8 " w x 15" h10 1/2" w x 19" h11 1/2" w x 20" h219PP24 (Large)
Large10" w x 19" h12 1/2" w x 23" h13 9/16" w x 23 5/8" h2
Extra Large12" w x 23" h14 5/8" w x 27 1/8" h15 5/8" w x 28" h3

Small Magnet kit for the Small Sized Endura Flap pet door only.

Large size for Medium, Large and XLarge Endura Flap pet doors.

The Endura Flap™ Additional Magnet Kit

This kit includes two magnets. One magnet is installed in the channel of the flap under the flap retainer clip and the other magnet with tape is installed inside the threshold.

Additional magnets are added in order to increase wind resistance of the Endura Flap™ if needed.

To add or take out magnets, begin with the gray piece that moves up and down

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • Needed the extra magnets! review by Bill
    5 5 Needed the extra magnets!

    We have had our dog door for 5 years. We had it in one house that had all glass doors so we needed one that went in a window. Had it on the west side of the house and magnets that came with the door were sufficient in that house but we sold and started over in a house at the lake. The dog door is facing north in this house and the lake is also on the north side so with the north cold wind coming off of the lake, the dog door flap with the normal amount of magnets was not strong enough to stay closed. Adding the extra magnets fixed the problem. We love this dog door and would recommend it to anyone, better than making a hole in a door. Just stick it in a window and be done!!

    (Posted on 12/6/2018)

  • Good review by Bradley
    5 5 Good

    They magnets.

    (Posted on 9/28/2018)

  • Added Wind Resistance review by Loretta
    5 5 Added Wind Resistance

    Need to increase the wind resistance on my Endura Flap Pet Door flap. These worked great and after watching the video were easy enough to install.

    (Posted on 12/21/2017)

  • Installation Issue review by Kylie
    5 3 Installation Issue

    All in all not hard to install, but the tricky part was pulling the bottom piece out of the frame. Had to use a pair of pliers to squeeze it enough to remove it. Also the magnets are jammed so tightly in there it was a beast to move the old one over far enough to install the new one.

    (Posted on 12/21/2017)

  • expensive but works review by Lauren
    5 3 expensive but works

    I had to get more magnets after my dog ripped out the bottom of the flap and lost the magnets. These are too expensive but I didn't have another choice. I had to ask the customer service staff for installation instructions because none were included.

    (Posted on 12/8/2017)

  • Not pleased review by K9sojourn
    5 1 Not pleased

    (ed. note: Published Mar 28, 2013)

    Shipping was very expensive. Product arrived without instructions. There aren't instructions online, you must call for them to explain installation. Product was not properly packaged so the magnets had rubbed together and chunks had come off the magnets. The bottom bracket and magnets had flown off the flap during use. It was alarming to think if I hadn't been there, the dogs may have swallowed the magnets. For the expense incurred from ordering this, I should have just ordered a replacement flap.

    (Posted on 4/20/2016)

  • not pleased review by LLevair review by Coonie Rescue
    5 2 not pleased review by LLevair

    (ed. note: Published Jun 13, 2013)

    These magnets are considerably overpriced. There are no instructions as to how to dismantle the flap & install them, you have to figure it out yourself. They did not hold the door closed in higher winds, so I still need to build a wind sheild on the exterior.

    (Posted on 4/20/2016)

Weight 0.2500
Manufacturer Endura Flap

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No, the endura magnet is designed for Endura Flap Pet Doors only.

You do have to squeeze it and then lift it out, as there is a small lip and you will not be able to just pull it straight out. If you have trouble put a towel over the threshold, and use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze it and pull it up.

If you are having trouble pulling it off, you can also use a flat head screwdriver to pry it off. It can bend out of shape so be careful to bend it back if necessary.

You would want to put one in the outer most channels, so you would have one on each end.

You would want to put a magnet in each of the outside channels, leaving the middle empty.

As this has 4 channels it is the most difficult to add extra magnets into, as they can repel and not want to remain in place. You would need to put two magnets next to each other then leave the next spot blank and install the last in the next channel.

Since this has 5 different slots you would want to put one in the first, skip the second, then one in the third spot, skip the fourth one, and put one in the fifth.

We do not have lighter magnets. You can remove one magnet from the threshold on Large and Extra Large size flaps. On all flap sizes you can move the magnet(s) to one side to decrease resistance in the opposite corner.

Nope, you can adjust them without removing the pet door frame.

Sounds like they might be repelling, and tin that case you will need to adjust them here.

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To the original purchaser, Patio Pacific Inc warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of delivery to the customer.

Endura Flap™ assemblies are warranted for a period of 15 years. Endura Flap™ assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for a period of 3 years.

Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage, is specifically excluded from this warranty.

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