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Choosing An Energy Efficient Doggie Door

Have your heating or air conditioning bills increased since you installed a pet door? Did you know there were energy efficient dog doors? These energy efficient dog doors offer the same convenience as any dog door with the added benefit of energy efficiency.

Energy efficient pet doors are easy to find and manage. No matter what size door you require for your furry friend, there’s one at that will meet your needs for efficiency and usability.

What Makes a Door Efficient?

The government has a list of criteria that tell whether or not your door is energy efficient. These requirements include making the fit as tight as possible by using magnetic stripping and core materials inside the door like polyurethane foam and fiberglass. These specifications are just for a wooden door. Glass doors have their own set of specs that indicate energy efficiency such as two panes of specially coated glass that have a non-toxic gas between them for improved insulation.

What to Look for in an Energy Efficient Dog Door

A great doggie door needs to be energy efficient, work well with any type of human door, and be flexible and safe to accommodate the comings and goings of your pet. The dog door should be easily locked down at night or any other time you want to keep your pet in — and other animals out. Some are as simple to install as simply propping up and locking in place, but others may require professional installation.

When searching for energy efficient dog doors look for one that:

  • Is insulated
  • Can withstand high winds
  • Seals securely against weather conditions
  • Functions well in high and low temperatures alike

Once you purchase an energy efficient dog door make sure not to make alterations because any changes could interfere with efficiency.

Our Top Energy Efficient Dog Doors

Here is a list of Pet Doors’ top recommendations for energy efficient dog doors:

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