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Extraordinary Pet Stories

Pets are our everyday heroes. Some are trained to carry out lifesaving tasks, while others perform them just because they can! We love a great story about one of the great furry heroes in your life, so we asked for you to send us some! Here are two wonderful stories we just had to share.

“My 4 month old Sharpei puppy accidentally locked herself in my car where both sets of my keys were sitting.  It was Memorial Day weekend and it would have cost $100 for the locksmith to come and get her out.  Fortunately the car was in the garage and the window was slightly open but it was the type of lock that a hangar couldn’t hook on.  So my daughter went to the driver’s side and pantomimed unlocking the door with her teeth. After 3 demonstrations, the puppy reached down and unlocked the door with her teeth!  Beauty AND brains and saved me $100 (that I didn’t have anyway!)”

“I was living in Long Beach, CA.  I had two dogs — German Sheperd mix and Malamute mix.  one night the German Sheperd — Troy, went racing out the dog door into the back yard, barking ferociously.  I went into my bedroom to see if I could see what had her so upset.  I couldn’t see anything, so I turned to go leave my bedroom.  My Malamute — Max — would not let me out of my bedroom.  I guess he knew I would go out into the back yard.  He kept blocking me until Troy came back into the house — I guess that was the “all clear” signal.  I think that someone had climbed my back fence — and climbed it out much faster!”

Who wouldn’t want a dog after stories like that? Here is a great video that shows just how amazing dogs can be! This man realized he needed help, and the cop that was on his way was lost on the rural roads of the country. His dog stepped up to the plate and took off running to find help, and led the cop back to his house!

If you haven’t seen this viral video, it is a must see! This cat actually saves his human from a dog attack:

Pets can be some of the best companions you’ll ever have. These extraordinary stories only scratch the surface of reasons why we should be thankful for our furry friends!

However, you may be looking over at the snoring, drooling furry lump across the room and saying, “I’ll be darned if my pet ever does anything amazing.” Well…don’t fret – here are 4 Reasons Why Your Lazy Dog Might Be Really Smart.

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3 thoughts on “Extraordinary Pet Stories

  1. RyRy

    That’s an awesome story about the dog that opened the car door! My cats when I was younger used to be able to open the doors in our house by jumping at the handles.