Your Guest’s Worst Nightmare: Pet Hair! (And How to Remove it from Furniture, Floors, and More)

Pet Hair on your Furniture - Removing Pet Hair - PetDoors.comSo, let’s take a real life situation. You’ve been waiting quite some time in anticipation of hosting friends and family. The table is set, dinner is in the oven, and all of the evening’s festivities are planned. Regardless of what your gathering entails, it is certain that you’ve put much effort into preparing a space for you and your guests. It could even be a simple family time that has been scheduled. Of all the tasks you’ve probably had to complete already, something that could potentially slip your mind is the pet hair that covers all reaches of your home. Let’s focus on some of the areas in your home that are most likely to be affected by your pet’s hair, and even more likely to end up stuck to your guests.


Chances are, your guests will be having a seat on your furniture at some point while in your home. This is a notorious place for stray pet hair to make the jump from couch to clothing. Here are few ways to address this matter:

Removing Pet Hair - – To save on some cash, simply use a pair of rubber gloves! That’s right, just dampen the gloves, then run your hand over the surface of your upholstery. Your guests and your furniture will thank you — not to mention your wallet! If you don’t have a pair of rubber gloves on hand, a wet sponge will also do the trick. This option is also great because it doesn’t needlessly use tons of tape.

– Another option is to spray a mix of water and fabric softener onto the surface of your furniture, then wipe it from the upholstery. This will leave your area smelling fresh, and pet hair-free!

– Finally, consider using a soft cloth along with furniture polish or anti-static spray to remove pet hair from your furnishings. The spray will reduce the likelihood that hair will re-stick to surface, which helps to prevent future instances of pet hair buildup.


So maybe your plan isn’t to use furniture, but to get cozy on the floor instead. As I’m sure you know by now, your floors are probably to place most likely to be covered with pet hair. Luckily, there are ways to address pet hair on the floor as well.

Squeegee pet hair removal - PetDoors

– A method that you might consider using for carpet is a pumice stone to gather stray pet hair. Gently scrape it across the surface of the floor, and hair will draw up with ease.

– By making use of a squeegee (who doesn’t love saying that word?), you can scrape pet hair into clumps, which are easily removable by hand. This method is also safe on carpets, and will not cause damage.

– For hardwood, laminate, and other bare floors, a microfiber dry mop is an ideal way to gather pet hair. A standard vacuum cleaner might unintentionally blow hair around into difficult to reach locations.


Perhaps your guests have already sat on your couch, or sprawled out on your floor, and they are covered with your pet’s stray hair. Having a lint roller beside your door can offer them a cleanup solution upon their departure. For more serious cases of pet hair on clothes, putting them in a dryer for a few minutes along with a dryer sheet. The movement will loosen the hairs, which will then end up in your dryer’s lint trap.

These are a few methods that we found to be highly effective. If anything else works for you, please let us know!

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  1. Kate Brownell

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