Keep it cool with tasty cold treats for cats and dogs

Popsicles for Pets!

There is something so refreshing about a nice cold dessert during those uncomfortably warm afternoons. We humans love to grab some ice cream, frozen yogurt, or a smoothie. But what about our pets? They might enjoy a tasty frozen treat, too! We’ll share just a few ideas you can try with your pets, but encourage you to mix and match your own ingredients to make yummy popsicles!

Ice Cubes

Lots of dogs enjoy crunching on an ice cube on occasion, but chewing on them may chip teeth so be careful. Cats and dogs alike can find amusement in ice cubes floating in their water bowls all year long! Add wet or dry food to water before freezing to make eating dinner a little cooler. You can even crush up dry food for a better consistency! And remember, if it is really hot outside you’ll need to make sure your pet has access to shade and fresh water, and adding an energy efficient pet door can allow them to move inside/outside to stay cool while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. 

One of the best cold treats for your cat in the summer heat is frozen yogurt!Frozen Yogurt

That’s right! Your pet will enjoy frozen yogurt ALMOST as much as you! Just take plain yogurt and freeze. You can mix things like honey, peanut butter or any pet-appropriate ingredients like blueberries to switch up the flavor! Try swirling peanut butter into the yogurt to get a “peanut butter swirl” design. You can freeze the mixture in cupcake trays, ice cube trays, or popsicle molds. Allow the yogurt to freeze all the way through, around 3 hours depending on how large a portion you make. Cats sometimes develop a lactose intolerance, so if they react poorly to the yogurt you can try one of the other options!

Pet Food

For safe popsicle treats, you can use your dogs food and freeze it!If your pet is on a strict diet, or you just don’t have time to pick up other ingredients, you can also use their own food to make some frozen treats on hot days. Mix wet food with dry food inside a food dispensing toy and stick it in the freezer. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

You can even use their normal food portions to make fun, refreshing popsicles. If they eat wet food, just mix that with some water and freeze. If they only eat dry food, try crushing that up a little (like in a food processor or blender) and mixing with water to make a flavorful popsicle. Soaking the food in water first will make it easier to blend!


Popsicles can be made with just about any types of ingredients! These are fun to make and feed, as you get to enjoy wonderful bonding time with your furry friends while they happily enjoy their treat. You can use the liquid from pet food, canned tuna, broth, plain yogurt, or even something more exotic like pumpkin puree. You can usually water down ingredients without upsetting the consumer! For a savory treat, try mixing broth with chunks of meat. For a sweet popsicle, try mixing yogurt with some blueberries. You can either crush the blueberries or leave them whole!

Liquid from your cat's food can easily make new cool treats to ward the summer heat awayUse popsicle molds for a classic looking popsicle, or try ice cube trays, paper cups, or cupcake liners and stick some tongue depressors in part way through the freezing process.
Note: if you give them popsicles with tongue depressors, make sure they are supervised so they do not eat the tongue depressor! Have fun with your pet by holding the popsicle for them to lick, or leave them with a stick-less popsicle to eat on their own.

Other Ideas

Mix and match different ideas to keep things exciting. Your pet will love you even more for it! Use things like fruits, vegetables and baby food to add some variety. Always remember to only feed ingredients that are safe for your pet to consume, and contact your veterinarian whenever you are in doubt. Some ingredients may be okay for dogs that are not okay for cats!

Fruit also keeps your dogs food refreshing and tasty

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14 thoughts on “Popsicles for Pets!

  1. Cary

    Great ideas! My dogs love ice cubes, but they are not good for their teeth. Frozen yogurt (which they get everyday anyway) or even frozen dog food popsicles are a great alternative which may be softer for them to lick and chew. Also, in the winter months canned dog food can be sliced and baked into cookies for dogs on limited or RX diets. Just use their own canned food to make the cookies.

    1. Rachel Long Post author

      That is a great idea for special diet cookies! You can also freeze wet food and cut into little chunks for treats. And yes the yogurt and dog food popsicles are much easier to consume because they are softer. Yogurt especially! My pups love them 🙂

  2. Terrie Lavelle

    Thanks for the great recipes and ideas. Maddie loves doggie popsicles….your ideas gave us some new things to try….especially using baby food —- never thought of that!0

  3. Joe

    Ice cubes can chip teeth, I was told this when i called a vetinary dentist office. Please let others know in a futur eelease,

    1. Rachel Long Post author

      You’ll want to read the ingredients carefully, as some ingredients like garlic, onions and grapes would not be good for your pooch! But ingredients like carrots, green beans, apples or oatmeal are all good options for dogs. It is probably better to stick with meat only ingredients for cats. Avoid anything with added sugars, and always ask your veterinarian if you have specific questions about any of the ingredients!

  4. Laurel Souza

    I use orgamic peanut butter to get meds down my dogs, but I think that might be great with some blueberries or here in hawaii, mango or papaya blended up with water and frozen. Also , if like me, your dogs like to cool off playing in water. Human baby pools break, but a plastic pond form from a landscape supply is unbreakable. What fun chasing their fetch balls they have in the water!Also you can use a super blender and make dog icecream with any safe ingestables. Feeding a popcicle can get pretty messy so we teach them to take turns with one at a time(5 dogs). My dogs like cold apples.. I need to check if that is a healthy ingredient. Anybody?