Top 10 Dog Videos of All Time

The countdown of my favorite doggy videos begins…


An expert in his field.

I may have a bias for border collies, but this video is amazing. First off, this dog is fast. Secondly, it didn’t take her very long at all to get all the sheep in place. If you were evaluating her, the minimum amount of time would be if all the sheep just all sprinted in unison as a team from below into the pen. She’s pretty darn close, incredible.


This is another classic. Many dogs can shake, but the way this guy puts his head down right before and leans into it as if saying “ahh well you got yourself a deal there buddy”. Or something like that.


When the girlfriend is in a bad mood

This is just a silly quickie that makes me laugh. Not sure if this little guy is more curious of what this thing is or more terrified once it starts flopping all over the place.


This Dog Just Cant Wait To Go Swimming

This one kills me too. This was the first time I saw a video with a dog with a GoPro strapped to it, which inspired video #4 below. It’s crazy both how excited this dog is for the beach but also how well he knows the path. Further, I love how he just slices through a group of people. It’s also funny to think what they looked like from their perspective. You’re hanging out at the beach and a dog appears out of nowhere just flying by himself and he whizzes by you straight for the water.


Dogs use teamwork to get ball out of the pool

I love this one, and it amazes me, I only wish there was more too it. How many times has the ball been stuck in the pool? Is the dog not allowed in the pool or afraid of whatever? How did the little guy know to help? More questions than answers, but a smile nonetheless.


Since this this dog wasn’t hurt I feel ok including this one. Friends and loved ones can frequently say they’ll do anything for someone, but really? Anything? Would you jump out of a moving car just to say hi? This dog did!


After seeing video #7, I bought a GoPro Fetch harness excited what kind of videos I could make with our border collie Mikey. Unfortunately, the videos when Mikey wears the harness are much too bouncy. So I mounted it on the bike instead and got some footage of Mikey and I racing down one of the local trails here in San Luis Obispo, California.


This is just brilliant. I enjoyed most of them, but the one that stood out the most for me was “Dear Diary – the cat is a curious magical creature. It’s as if a teddy bear mated with a cactus and it’s much less fun to play with then it would appear and yet it poops delicious candy into a box of pee flavored sprinkles. Dearest human guards these treats jealousy, often harvesting them into a barrel, but I will admit that I sneak one from time to time. They are delicious, forgive me.” It’s a masterpiece of fine writing.


My final two videos are much longer than the rest and very different. It appears there is a Japanese tv show that is about the adventures of a bulldog and a chimp (Pankun and James). I first stumbled upon this in a the summer 2007, laughing so hard I could remember exactly where I was. I can still remember the pain in my stomach from when it was was James’ turn to do situps and Pankun was disappeared he couldn’t do any.


For the top spot, I have to go with Pan and James as Firefighters. This was starts a little slow, but the 45 seconds starting 40 seconds in seals this one as an all timer.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. If you haven’t gotten enough epic videos yet, here are 6 funny pet videos you have to see!

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