Day in the Life of Loki

Loki is a pretty lucky dog. Not only does he get to spend all day around people at the office, but he also gets to spend a couple of hours a day hanging out with his big brothers at a horse ranch! He rarely has to stay home alone, but when he does he has his feline big sisters AND his baby sister to play with if he gets lonely. Sometimes his Auntie takes him on outdoor adventures, and occasionally he even gets to have sleepovers at his grandparent's house (where he plays the role of "spoiled grandchild" very well!). Let us take a walk through an average day in the life of Loki!

loki and big bros

Start the Day Right

In the morning, after sharing his breakfast with his baby sister Samus, Loki spends some quality time with his favorite (well, only) brothers, Tucker and Trubee. He likes to play chase with them, and do everything that they do. Whether it's running laps around the big arena or grazing on the hillside, he's right there with them!  

Head to Work

First thing's first, he has to say hi to EVERYONE in the office. After making sure that everyone has had their moment to recognize he has arrived, Loki settles down to take a nap. Sometimes, his best bud Mav is too excited to let Loki nap, and insists on a good thorough ear cleaning session:


Earning His Keep

Whether he's helping customers:

Loki the dog and another black dog laying down with headsets on.


Or getting roped into helping in the office: 

Loki the dog is sitting with a blue pen in his mouth.

After Work

After a long, hard day at work, Loki stays awake long enough to let his baby sister play with his feet, ears, and tail. Then he snuggles up in his bed and waits until his humans go to their bed, at which point he hops up and effectively causes them to sleep in horribly uncomfortable positions as he gradually takes over.

Loki the dog cuddling up with a plush toy for nap time

Here is a video of Loki's day. Warning: may cause motion sickness

Now that you've caught a glimpse into Loki's daily life, you can see what goes on in a dog's brain in this Q&A with Dr. Bone!
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