Happy Howl-o-Ween

It’s that time of year again, where kids are out trick-or-treating with their families. This year, why not bring the whole family out, including your beloved doggy! Get your pup all dressed up and in the Howl-o-Ween spirit this year. Don’t know what costume to put on your dog? Take a look at all these cute and quite funny costumes worn by others.

Dog in lion costume for halloween. DIY halloween costumes.

From Ghosts to Superheros to Lions and Turtles, the costume ideas are endless and everyone will love the creativeness. Although some dogs make it difficult when it comes to keeping these clothes on them, bringing your doggy out with you and the family is totally worth it. It may even get the little kids a couple more pieces of candy! You’ll want to be careful on Halloween as well, with all the kids in costume your dog might not know the difference between a good costume and a real life monster! There are a few good tips and rules of thumb we have come across for the safety and well being of your pet and we have listed some below:
  1. Picking the perfect costume!
      • It is important they will be comfortable so don’t try squeezing them into something like a little doggy sausage.  One that is too big that they can get tangled up in is no good either.  Make sure that it only uses Velcro to fasten it.
      • Use non-flammable material without any strong smells.  
    • Make sure that they can hear, see, smell, and breathe like normal.  One that doesn’t go over any of these areas including all the whiskers.
  1. Getting your pet ready for the big day!!
      • Purchase the costume a few months in advance.  This way you have the opportunity to give them time to get familiar with it.
      • Before dressing them up take the new costume out and just lay it out so they can get used to having it around.
      • Once they get a little more used to it try put it on without using any of the Velco so that it is just loosely over their back.
      • Last dress them up fully a few times and let them get comfortable wearing it around in a familiar environment.
      • If by now they still are weary of it then your pet is most likely not a fan.  You can tell by the way they act and the body language if they are going to accept dress up time.  Some signs of their distress include, but aren’t limited to: Immediately laying down after you dress them, running away every time you go near them with the costume, shaking, and heavier panting.
    • Bottom line you have to pay attention to what they are trying to tell you and as cute as it is to see dogs in costumes your pet’s health and well being are more important so if you see signs of distress it might be best to ditch the Halloween idea.
  1. The big day!
      • You and your pet are dressing up to have fun so make sure they are not under any stress (again paying attention to the behavior and body language).
      • Keep an eye on them the entire time.
    • Minimize the time they are dressed.
So this halloween, get creative and dress your dog up in a great little outfit for everyone to see, and hopefully your doggy doesn’t scare too easily! Check out your local events for fun events like dog costume contests to show off your pup! If you’d like, send us your best pictures of your pets dressed up! We’d love to see! You can share them on our Facebook page or tag them to #pdhowloween on Instagram or Twitter. You can also email them to Loki at! We’ll make an album on our Facebook page for inspiration for others.

dogs in costumes for halloween. Dog costume ideas. Dogs in frog costume, medieval costume, and Batman costume.

Too late to buy a costume? Check out some easy DIY Halloween costumes for your dog here!

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