Dogs in the Workplace: Our Pet Pawlicy

Watch an exclusive documentary below, learning what “Take Your Dog to Work” day every day is all about! These days, there is more buzz around companies allowing dogs in the office. Here at our pet policy is pretty flexible. On a daily basis, there are 4-7+ dogs in the office! We have been able to document what it is like to work in a dog friendly workplace; our doggy door experts share their thoughts. Made by our very own, Claire Liu.

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The pet door experts all agree what a paw-sitive experience it is to have four legged co-workers:

  • "Our furry friends are always excited to see us, boosting our own energy"
  • "When we need fresh air, we can always count on being able to talk a nice lunchtime stroll with Mikey"
  • "When things get too ruff, our dogs are up for some petting breaks and even lap naps"

A full day at work can give owners anxiety about leaving their loved ones at home alone. So why not bring them to the office?

Bringing Your Dog to Work

dog friendly workplaces are the best! bring dog to work at

Here, every day is "Bring your pet to work day!" The dogs run free, and use their Endura Flap to access a fenced in backyard. We have anywhere from 4-7+ dogs here at a time, depending on the time and the day! On most days, you can find Loki, Mikey and Thanos sleeping in one of their 4 dog bed options. Loki and Thanos are usually sharing a bed, even if the other beds are all open.

The dogs work hard greeting people, (not)begging for food, playing, sleeping, and modelling for our website and marketing needs. Posing for the camera is a skill that they do not need to possess to get hired here, as we will provide training on site to make sure they reach their full potential. We’ve had a lot of special furry members of our staff pass through our office, and look forward to many more! It's no accident that our web developer and affiliate marketing consultant are all dog lovers.

With Great Dogs, Comes Great Responsibility:

  • We keep treats close and cleaning supply closer (See the video where Tonks doesn’t make it to the pet door in time!)
  • When the days get long, it is easy to get distracted by our pups, especially when they go belly up for a rub! Productivity can't be sacrificed.
  • Territory is an important aspect to our pets, so when a new canine comes to the block (a.k.a the office) it can take time for everyone to become friendly
  • When bringing a puppy to work, you need to separate the older dogs from the younger to avoid accidents and competition.

Whether office pups motivate or halt productivity, that depends on who you ask! Although in the past, when the humans slow down, the dogs take over…bringing dogs to work means bringing all these beds, too - pet policy

Yes, we have assigned job roles for our dogs. They have been great models for our products, you can find them naturally posing for the camera on our website. Aside from modeling, the office dogs also test our flaps for us. In order to manufacture products for pets, we need their perspective. In exchange, they sure love the treats they munch on! These are dogs at work, and no dog at work has ever gotten caught sleeping on the job!


Not all workplaces were created with dogs in mind, so there are definitely some precautions you should take before bringing them along. Make sure that you can safely secure your pup, and that you dog-proof the area. It is easy for curious faces to get tangled up in loose cords or find themselves accidentally in your coworker’s trash can (we know this from experience). Remember to take them out to potty often enough that you don’t end up with a mess, but have supplies ready in case that happens too!

Make sure they will be comfortable, and if you can, bring their bed so they have a spot to sleep. If you have a cubicle, baby gates work great to secure your friend from the dangers of the open office. Don’t bring a dog that is aggressive towards anything, or that barks excessively. Remember that an 8 hour work day is a long day for a dog to be somewhere new and stressful, so if they aren’t accustomed to it, they might do best with a half day at first! Set some ground dog rules and you'll be fine!

What Would we do Without Them?

With more companies around the nation getting comfortable with pet permittance, it is a privilege to work in an professional environment ahead of the crowd. Some of the worst workdays are when the dogs take the day off. Everything goes quiet and is less alleviating. The benefits of pets in the workplace cannot be overstated.

Our pet door experts have learn and love working with dogs. It is now almost a requirement for some of us. Now that we know how much fun it is, could we ever go back to working with just humans? We may never know. All we can do is enjoy what we have and tell our friends and family how spectacular it is to have corgi coworkers.

Dog Documentary

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Cynthia Herrera

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Cynthia Herrera

The Team is dedicated to providing the highest quality pet doors. As dog and cat lovers ourselves, we aim to write about the topics that matter the most to you and your furry friend. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team. 🐶🐱

The Team is dedicated to providing the highest quality pet doors. As dog and cat lovers ourselves, we aim to write about the topics that matter the most to you and your furry friend. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team. 🐶🐱

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