Pet Door Woes (And The Best Dog Door For Them)

There is a tune that rings all too familiar throughout the pet owner community; let's see if you recognize it. It’s the middle of the night, and there is a constant draft filtering into your home. You’re certain that the entire house is heated, and most areas upstairs are still warm. You search around for the source of the draft, but there are no indicators. The heat is at a comfortable setting, the windows have an airtight seal, and none of your house doors are ajar. The culprit: your doggie door!

the Endura all weather dog door with great dog door insulation

Yes, the pet door flap, your weather-stained passage for your beloved pet is allowing the outside cold air into your home during the winter– not to mention loads of insects during the summer! Many dog owners who own dog or cat door have already, or will soon experience issues similar to the one above.

The question is: How does one prevent drafts from coming in through the pet door opening or through air pockets around the door frame? What is the best insulated, energy efficient dog door to prevent this from happening? High quality dog door insulation is vital for keeping your energy bill down. Of all the cold weather pet door options out there, the Endura flappet door mount is the most insulating one you will find!

flexible flap give superior door weatherproofing on the Endura magnetic pet door

An extreme weather dog door to solve this problem. The  all weather dog door installation from Endura flap™ is the only pet door designed with these preventative door weatherproofing features in mind. The Endura flap pet door comes with several new and great features including:


The safety of your pet is paramount and at the forefront of   all Endura flaps designs. Unlike traditional plastic flaps, the design of this heavy duty Pet door   prevents injury to your pet by way of pinching and snagging   by using a soft flexible flap.


Tired of that cold, rousing draft? Yes, we thought so. That is why this pet door comes complete with a dual-layered insulated pane. The design is similar to that of a dual pane of glass, except this pet door is slightly thicker. This design has a high energy efficiency rating as it prevents the transfer of temperature in or out of your home, and the transparent material is stain resistant, which will continue to allow your pet to see through. (This also prevents yellowing as a result of sun exposure). 

Additionally, the flap is outfitted with magnets, to ensure that the pet door always keeps outside elements where they belong, outside! No need for a door cover for winter, the Endura flap's got you covered all on its own. Want to experience these awesome features but have a sliding glass door? Check out one of these Endura flap sliding door choices we recommend, a great option to get an insulated dog door for sliding glass door.


Unlike other pet doors, the Endura Flap™ uses pivots to prevent flexing, which, over time, can cause an average pet door to crack, and allow leaks into your home. Additionally, this pet door withstood wind speeds over 50mph! This is in stark contrast to standard pet doors, which tend to blow open against wind speeds in the teens or low twenties. This ultimately prevents a draft from blowing your flap open and letting cold or hot air in during different seasons of the year!

Variable Magnet Strength Feature

The Endura flap comes with one or two pairs of magnets along the bottom (depending on what size you get), and generally that gets the job done in terms of sealing and insulation. They act as a wind block for dog door, keeping it shut in up to 50 mph winds! Sometimes, in extreme conditions, this isn't enough. Our Endura flap pet products can accommodate up to three, four, or five magnets to ensure maximum wind resistance and insulation.

the many sizes of Endura pet doors - no more getting stuck in doggy door


Environmentally Friendly

Most doors currently available at mass retailers are made using PVC, a material that is toxic, and averse to the environment. The Endura Flap™ is engineered using a polyolefin-based polymer, which is a non-toxic material that is recyclable and safe for the environment. 

It’s made in the USA!

Many have experienced the woes of typical pet doors. Luckily, there is an incomparable solution. Its name is the Endura Flap™ Pet Door. Get yours today.

Nick Pullano

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Nick Pullano


Pets: I have a half border collie, half angel named Mikey.
Fun stuff: My dog's tongue is slightly longer than her face, so frequently her tongue sticks out a little even when her mouth is closed.


Pets: I have a half border collie, half angel named Mikey.
Fun stuff: My dog's tongue is slightly longer than her face, so frequently her tongue sticks out a little even when her mouth is closed.

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