PAWffice Pets of the Month - March


Hey there! Welcome to the "PAWffice Pet of the Month" blog post, where we feature YOUR furry friends - let us show you and your pet some love and appreciation!

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MARCH 2020 Pet of the Month


We would love to introduce you to Ian, Joy, and Tessa the Shetland Sheepdogs AKA Shelties! Ian is 11, Joy is 6, and Tessa is 2. Ian and Joy use their heads to push through their doggy door, but Tessa likes to use her paw. While Joy and Tessa compete in Agility, Ian is retired but still playful - he likes to steal the girls’ toys and hide them outside for himself!

Ian the Shelty playing with his dog toys outside in the snow
Three shelty dogs sitting to pose for the camera
Tessa the shetland sheepdog doing an agility competition

"The Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e is built into our sliding glass door and gets used hundreds of times a day."

- Joan (Sheltie mom)

Ian, Joy, and Tessa are very good doggies and will be receiving doggie toys from us at!


FEBRUARY 2020 Pet of the Month


Lindi the winner of pet of the month for February 2020
Lindi the dog sticking her head through a panel pet door to see if it's cold outside
Lindi laying down on the rug

We would love to introduce you to Lindi! She is 10 years old, loves to chase her tail, and is very playful! On cold days, she will stand at her doggie door and stick her head out to decide whether or not it’s too cold to go outside. Lindi is a family dog - she has the softest fur to pet and loves to “talk”.

Lindi is a good girl and will be receiving doggie toys from us at!

JANUARY 2020 Pet of the Month


Suzie the Australian Shepherd Catahoula Heeler mix
Suzie the PAWffice pet of the month winner for January 2020
Suzie at the beach looking happy with her tongue out

We would love to introduce you to Suzie AKA "The Snooz". She is 11 years old and an Australian shepherd, Catahoula, and Heeler mix. She loves to smile and when you talk to her, and will wave at you with her paw. She is also the BEST catcher - she can catch food from across the room without missing... zero fumbles! Suzie uses the Endura Flap Pet Door and loves it.

"This is the best pet door by far that I have ever owned. It insulates my garage and does not flap open in the wind like the other doors."

- Courtnie (Suzie's mom)


Winning fur baby will:

  • receive pet toys from made by WestPaw and PetSafe
  • be featured in our PAWffice Pet of the Month blog and the next monthly newsletter
  • have adoration and love from all of us at


  • Send us THREE photos of your pet to potentially be featured on our blog (EXTRA ENTRY for one including a pet door purchased from us)
    • Email to
    • subject line: PAWffice Pet of the Month Contest
  • Include a blurb of your furry friend
    • name / introduction / type of pet (dog, cat, hamster, pig, horse, etc.)
    • THREE fun facts
    • If applicable - what kind of pet door your pet uses
  • OPTIONAL: any quotes / comments you'd like to include in the feature

Deadline: Submissions should be sent in the month prior. Currently taking submissions for April 2020. Winners will be chosen at random each month (each pet / email = 1 entry) - RAFFLE STYLE.

Winner will be notified via email. Good luck!

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Keep those tails wagging!

- The Team

If you have any questions or want additional details, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-826-2871, hop on chat at, or email us at!

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