Real Funny Dog Videos in 2018 of our Fluffy Companions

There are very few bad days that can’t be fixed with funny pet videos. Whether it's cute cats or fun corgis, your lovable, furry friends can brighten up any dark day by making you laugh. Tiktok and YouTube videos, especially viral videos about dogs, never fail to brighten up the day! For those days, enjoy these really funny dog videos of 2018 compiled by our Dog Video Expert, who has tirelessly watched cute animal video after video. Dreadful, I know. Enjoy!

Speed Racer

We all know dogs LOVE the beach. Our furry friends could sit by (or run through!) the waves all day. This is one of our favorite funny pet videos! Nothing like a funny video of dogs enjoying the sand and surf. This golden loves the ocean soooo much that he races right to the water, captured by a GoPro on his back. This speed demon isn’t wasting any time!

The Tornado

Our dinner routines with our pups may involve a few seconds of patience before we place their dish on the ground. In these moments, we typically ask them to sit and wait. The dog in this home video has a slightly different routine, which has earned him the title: The Tornado.

Shoots & Ladders

It’s rare that we see dogs at fairs because 1) they’re not allowed in the fair during fair hours, and 2) the crowds, long waits in lines for rides, and the hot sun beaming down for hours on end are way too much for our companions to handle. For this tiny dog, the fair made an exception and the slides were perfect!


Aside from walks and cuddles, dogs LOVE food. So much so that they might steal some of our food and try to hide it. One of the all-time funniest dog videos in my opinion! This cute dog thought he found the perfect hiding place: his mouth!

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right

Watching big dogs try to fit in small beds might be one of the cutest aspects of owning a Great Dane, St. Bernard, or Great Pyrenees. Even better, some small dogs decide that they deserve the big bed! Lola and Dixie are no exception.

Ultimate Talking Dog Tease

At some time all of us have wished that our cute pets could talk to us. Then this video popped up and we just couldn’t get enough of it. We bet that if they could talk this is exactly what it would sound like! We can only hope that in the end, the owner found it in their heart to hand over the bacon…THE MAPLE KIND!

Learning Kitten

All of us can relate, growing up can be tough! Sometimes we just make some poor judgement calls (hence the reason this kitten might have been my spirit animal from when I was in my 20’s).  Let’s We all make missteps occasionally, but hang in there little one, you still have 8 lives left!

Dog Going for a Run in the Park

Going to the park can be one of the most fun and relaxing things to do with your pet.  

Beautiful scenery, the fresh air, tons of wildlife…well unless you have a herding dog that is…

Noise Complaint

If you receive a noise complaint, and you can’t for the life you of figure out why, try setting up a nanny cam.  Although if your dog decides to pursue their dreams you have only yourself to blame…since you’re the one that made them sit on the couch and watch American Idol with you…look what you started!

Sadly, it's time to wrap up our funny dog vids. This was so great for so many reasons!  First off it actually plays like a movie (someone put some production value into this gem).  Second, you have to admit that pup is adorable even with 8 legs instead of the usual 4. For some, this might be your worst nightmare. Others, a neat Halloween prank. In either case, this makes it on our list of the best dog videos!

Do you have any funny pet videos? Do you have a funny cat video of your feline friend messing around with a cat toy? What about your adorable dachshund befriending another baby animal? Have a favorite viral video? Share your cutest and funniest dog videos with us in the comments section or on our social media.

Nick Pullano

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Nick Pullano


Pets: I have a half border collie, half angel named Mikey.
Fun stuff: My dog's tongue is slightly longer than her face, so frequently her tongue sticks out a little even when her mouth is closed.


Pets: I have a half border collie, half angel named Mikey.
Fun stuff: My dog's tongue is slightly longer than her face, so frequently her tongue sticks out a little even when her mouth is closed.

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