Cathole - Inside Use Pet Door CHWM

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The "CatHole" Cat Door is designed for indoor use only. It has no flap but there is a "grooming brush" that brushes the cat as he goes in or out.

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Cathole - Inside Use Pet Door CHWM

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SizeFlap DimensionOutside Frame
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Cat4" w x 6" h8 1/2" x 8 1/2"03CH01

Cathole Cat Door

This cat door was designed for indoor use only. A typical example is to allow a cat access to a litter box kept inside a closet. It can be installed in hollow-core doors. The brush (shown) serves to groom the cat as he passes through.

These wood arches come unfinished and in one size only. The ones shown have been stained to match the door.

Customer Reviews

  • My kitten loves the door!
    How do you rate this product?

    This is the perfect cat door for me. I have two dogs who love to eat the cat food (and other things cat related that I won't mention). Using this door allows my kitty privacy and keeps my doggies at bay.

    The instructions are vey simple. My son cut out the hole for me in just a few minutes and the installation took less than 15 minutes.

    My only negative is that the materials used didn't really reflect the price point. I've had it 3 months and it is working perfectly.

  • Great product!
    How do you rate this product?

    We bought one several years ago for our 3 cats so they could get to the basement without the dog following them - and they love it! Easy to install and the brush is an added benefit. Recently bought a 2nd one for my daughter so her cat can escape the dog without having to leave the basement door open.

  • Works Great
    How do you rate this product?

    We installed the cat door about 3 months ago and it works perfectly. Cats picked it up without delay and it looks great

  • love it
    How do you rate this product?

    It's very cute and looks nicer than the regular cat doors. The only thing is if you have the hollow doors then you can't attach the brush trim too easily. (my carpenter inserted two pieces of wood on either side on the inside of the door and I used double sided tape) Also it keeps my dog out of that room where as the regular cat door which is supposed to be for cats 15lbs still allows my 20lb dog to get thru which defeats the whole purpose. Now I wish I had used the cat holes in my other two doors.

  • Great idea

    Works great -- looks great -- great conversation starter when visitors first see it too.

  • Love it!

    I bought this cat door and had it put on the basement door. Now I can close the door and keep the dogs out of the cat litter. The cat seems to love it - she secretly watches from the basement side.
    Everyone who visits thinks it's the cutest door!

  • Works great!

    I bought this for my sister who has two cats and two dogs. The one cat is terrified of the dogs. Both of the cats love this door. My sister can keep the cat food and the litter separate from the dogs, and the terrified cat is getting more confident as she waits for the dog's snout to appear in front of the Cathole so she can swat at it. In addition, it gives the two cats the freedom to leave the room at will knowing they can return safely through the cat door if they get chased by the dogs. This was a great buy!

  • Great- works perfectly

    This door works exactly as advertised. It keeps my dog out - she likes the taste of cat poop. I did have to take the brush out as my cat has gotten too fat.

  • Perfect door!

    Was looking for a way to isolate my litter box while ensuring my dogs could not get to the box. My husband installed the Pet Door on an out of the way closet in 30 minutes due to the easy to follow instructions. Now my cats have an secluded to use without being disturbed by the dogs. I do recommend this Pet Door to anyone wanting to provide their cat a cozy location that is not very noticeable to my visitors. Oh, everyone that sees it thinks it is so cute!!

  • Great Cat Door
    How do you rate this product?

    Bought for our cat and she took to it great and the size was not an issue. Now my daughter is moving out and asked me to order one for her new house. Great Idea - great door!

  • really need a larger version also
    How do you rate this product?

    I totally agree with the previous reviewers. This is the best looking indoor cat door I have found but it is too small . I really don't understand why you haven't created small , medium and large as other cat door options have.I fear you are losing a lot of business because of it.K

  • Offer another size?
    How do you rate this product?

    Love the idea of this, but we have a larger breed cat and she wouldn't be able to fit in the opening. Perhaps it would be a good idea to ffer a larger size option.

  • Too small
    How do you rate this product?

    I love this idea, but agree with another reviewer that it is too small. I think about 6" wide by 12" tall. I have two BIG cats.

  • Love it
    How do you rate this product?

    I have bought two of these for different homes over the years and it has worked great. I just bought a condo and was considering another one and that is why I am here again.

  • cathole-inside pet door needs to be larger
    How do you rate this product?

    great product but too short and too narrow for my cat.
    Offering a larger size would likely create more interest in this product.

Your Maximum Pet SizeCats
Climate SuitabilityIndoor Use Only
ColorUnfinished Wood
Frame MaterialWood
Flap DesignNo Flap
Ability to Lock FlapNo Flap Lock Provided
Can Be Installed InInside Use Only
Return Period30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking FeeNone

The Cathole. Your Cat's Going to Love It!


1. Before removing door, mark desired position for unit on bottom of door (Figure 1).

2. Remove door by pulling hinge pins. Hint: position flat screwdriver to catch top of pin and tap upward with hammer.

3. Use supplied "Door Hole Template" to trace entrance hole outline (Figure 2).

4. Use Jigsaw to carefully cut entrance hole.

5. Measure thickness of your door and select correct screws. Note: if door is 13/8" thick, use (3) short (black) screws.
if door is 13/4" thick, use (3) long (silver) screws.

6. Insert (3) screws Into front of Frame A (Figure 3). Insert (4) pins into back of Frame B (Figure 3).
Hint: one end of pin has a chamfer is tapered. This end will insert much easier.

7. Align frames on opposite sides of door and gently tighten screws (Figure 4).
Note: do not tighten any screw completely... tighten each screw a few turns and move to the next. Continue until frames are snug on both sides.

8. Fold brush and insert middle of brush into top of frame opening. Press brush into place so that tabs on back of brush rest on lower screws (Figure 5).

9. Press wooden plugs into countersunk screw holes and apply desired finish. There are many attractive ways to decorate your CATHOLE. ..CATHOLE can be pointed or stained. ..Colorful decals or stencil patterns can be applied...Water based poly-acrylics are durable & easy to use.

10. Reinstall door and let kitty enjoy!


Drawing the opening for a Cat Hole pet door

Framing the Cat Hole Cat Door

Attaching the frames to a cat hole pet door

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Manufacturer has no written warranty. However, the manufacturer has assured Patio Pacific that any customer problems will be quickly attended to.