Pride Pet Products

  • Budget-friendly pet doors that are available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Locking covers available for additional security

Pride Pet Doors are a division of Z Industries—a large storm door and window manufacturer in Los Angeles. They’re one of the oldest manufacturers of dog and cat doors, offering a variety of installation options including the door mount, pet screen door, and patio door insert for sliding glass doors. Early on, Pride had a relationship with Johnson Pet Doors, one of the first successful pet door manufacturers in the 1950's. Pride imitated the function of the Johnson pet door with a two-piece flap design featuring an inner flap and an outer "U-shaped" to improve sealing and insulation value. In fact, the Pride XLD 600 flap and the Johnson Deluxe XLarge were identical except for the composition of the flap. Johnson used vinyl while Pride used, and still uses, reclaimed tire rubber.