Pride Pet Products

  • Budget-friendly pet doors that are available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Locking covers available for additional security

Pride Pet Doors are a division of Z Industries—a large storm door and window manufacturer in Los Angeles. They’re one of the oldest manufacturers of dog and cat doors, offering a variety of installation options including the door mount, pet screen door and patio door insert for sliding glass doors. Early on, Pride had a relationship with Johnson Pet Doors, one of the first successful pet door manufacturers in the 1950's. Pride imitated the function of the Johnson pet door with a two piece flap design featuring an inner flap and an outer "U-shaped" to improve sealing and insulation value. In fact, the Pride XLD 600 flap and the Johnson Deluxe XLarge were identical except for the composition of the flap. Johnson used vinyl while Pride used, and still uses, reclaimed tire rubber.

The Pride pet doors are manufactured with heavy duty black rubber with flap sizes Small to Extra Large to work for pets of all sizes from cats to extra large dogs. Pride even offers an aluminum frame screen adapter for installing a Pride doggy door in a screen door. Want to install in a sliding door but have a super large dog? Pride has you covered with a patio door insert that works for all pets from cats to big dogs, and comes with a fiber particle board closing cover to block access when you want to. Pride pet doors install easily in most locations, however, if you would like professional help, check out our list of recommended pet door installers near you. If you want a door that is going to last through the tough wear and tear of pet use, Pride doors are going to be one of the most durable. The black rubber assembly replacement pet door flap is made with the the same durable, recycled tire material to insulate your home and to withstand heavy use by pets.

Pride Pet Door flaps are now the only available replacements for the millions of Johnson Pet supplies dog doors still in use. However the pride locking cover will not work with the old Johnson doors. The Pride replacement flap for cat and dog doors is made with rubber flap material, but with proper training your pets should be just fine using the new pride doors. Also note that the Pride MD400A Flap Assembly, LD500 Pride Large Deluxe Flaps, and the Pride XLD600A Flap Assembly are compatible with the Johnson/PetSafe Ultimate Doors. The Small is attached differently so the Pride magnets in the flap will work, however you would need to amend the new flap at the top to get it to function properly.

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