Pre-Installed Pet Doors

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Pet doors that come pre-installed in a door may not be wise. Purchase your doggie door separately for best results.

Purchasing a pet door already installed may seem easier than installing a pet door into an existing door, but we would not recommend pre-installed doors for the following reasons.


Why You Should Buy Your Pet Door and People Door Separately:

  • Shipping in separate parts is cheaper than shipping an entire door
  • Less chance of damage while shipping
  • More options of people doors when searching locally
  • Hanging a door is not easy; you'll probably want it done by a professional. So you've already got the installer at your house. Installing the pet door in the door you've chosen won't cost much more.
  • Fixing problems with mail-order doors will be more troublesome than locally
  • It's very important, especially for larger dog doors, that the dog door be installed at the correct height. Or you may need an installation height that is a compromise for two different sized pets. Getting that done right is a lot easier when you're supervising the installer directly.
  • If you need to return the door for any reason, it's much easier to do locally

We want to help you find the perfect pet door for your door! See our Pet Doors for People Doors page.