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  • Replaces original pane of a sliding door, French door, or sidelight with a sliding glass door with dog door built-in
  • Weather-tight Endura Flap pet door comes pre-installed in the new pane
  • Insulating, energy-efficient flap endures winds up to 50 mph and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Maintains security with the use of the existing sliding glass door lock
  • Measurement and installation require a professional glazier

If you've considered a patio dog door inserts, but are hesitant due to compromising the security of your home or taking up too much space in the slider track, then the Pet Door Products Advanced In the Glass model is a viable solution. This custom-made design allows you to swap out the existing glass in your slider for a new glass sliding patio door with a doggy door built-in. This durable pane has the high-performing Endura Flap pet door.


  • Tempered, dual-pane glass matches the original glass. If the original glass pane has Low-e coating, you can choose to select the type of Low-e glass for an additional charge
  • Vinyl framing is available in white, dark tan, or light tan. The pet door framing comes in white only
  • Small through extra-large flap size range to fit a wide variety of pet heights and weights
  • Endura Flap pet door withstands extreme weather with magnetic closure and optional weatherstripping
  • Heavy-duty locking cover included
  • The customized door is final sale and non-returnable


  • Easy entry and exit for both people and pets
  • The high-quality, built-in design doesn't take up space in the track
  • Ensures door security by using the original door lock
  • Insulating flap protects against heavy winds and harsh temperatures

Purchasing Process:

Step 1: Prior to purchasing your In the Glass Endura Flap Pet Door, determine which pane of glass you would like to install the pet door unit in. Next, hire a glazier to measure the width, height, and thickness of the existing pane that the custom-made pane will replace.

Note: It is crucial that these dimensions are accurate, as all of the panes are custom-made and non-returnable. Ask your glazier to determine if you have tinted, Low-E, or clear glass. They should review the detailed information page for more specific instructions.

Step 2: Based on the pane measurements from your glazier, select either Standard (34 x 76 or less) or Oversize (anything larger than 34 x 76) Glass Type for your custom-pane. If it is the Standard Glass Type, the product can be shipped directly to your house. If it is Oversize, it must be shipped to your local glass company or another non-residential business address. Next, select flap size (reference this measurement guide), frame color, clear or Low-E, and step over height.

Exact pane dimensions are not yet entered in one of the dropdowns when you are choosing options on the website. Once you place your order, we'll email you an order form to provide the exact measurements from your glazier (explained in the next step).

As soon as your order is completed, you will receive an email with an order form where you will fill out your custom dimensions and the side of the door in which you want the dog flap installed. You can request to center the pet door positioning for an additional charge.

Fill out the form and send it back to Your order will be on hold until we receive this information. Please refer to our full set of instructions

Step 3: Once your order is complete, you will receive an email with an order form to fill out your custom dimensions and the side of the door in which you want the pet door opening. You can request to have the pet door centered (rather than left or right) for an additional charge.

When selecting a pet door location, choose the placement based on viewing from the outside-looking-in.

Fill out the form and send it back to Your order will be on hold until we receive this information. See our full set of instructions for technical installation specifics. Please note that this door may take 3-4 weeks to build, as it is custom-made. Allow transit time for delivery.

Step 4:Once the door has arrived, schedule to have the glazier who took the initial measurements to come back for installation. They will remove the original pane and install the new In the Glass dog door into the sliding glass door frame.

Note: Building will take three to four weeks, as it is custom-made. Allow transit time for delivery as well. You will receive a tracking update once ships so you can schedule installations properly.

Size Chart

Glass SizePet Flap SizeFlap Dimension

Standard Glass - Less than 37" x 77"

Small #066" w x 11" h
Medium #088" w x 15" h
Large #1010" w x 19" h
Extra Large #1212" w x 23" h
 Oversized Glass - up to 45" x 90"Small6"w x 11"h
Medium8"w x 15"h
Large10"w x 19"h
XLarge12"w x 23"h

Do not know which size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

Additional Information

Frame Material


Flap Colors


Flap Thickness


Flap Warranty (if separate)


Warranty Period

10 years

Return Period

Not Returnable

Locking Cover Material

Dimensional ABS

Your Maximum Pet Size

Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs

Climate Suitability

Severe-4 Season

Flap Design

Single, One Part, Flexible, Insulated Flap

Ability to Lock Flap

Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top

Can Be Installed In

Dual Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Sash Windows, Sidelight, Sideways Sliding Windows, Single Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Vinyl-Framed Sliding Glass Door

Award Winning Design


Sealing Value

Very High

Wind Resistance

Very High

Replacement Flaps Available


Insulation Value



What is an "In the Glass" Pet Door?

Design of the Endura Flap


When I purchase a "Through the Glass" dog door, is the entire sliding glass dog door included?

No. When you purchase a "Through the Glass" dog door, it comes with the glass panel only. The framing of the sliding door is NOT included in the purchase. Since this unit will replace your current glass inside your framing, there will be an installation process you or a hired professional will need to follow as well as filling out the appropriate order form.

How do I order a Pet Door Products dog door installed in a sliding glass door?

  1. Check out our Placement Guide, which will show you where the pet door should be installed based on your sliding glass situation
  2. Contact a glazier from a local glass shop to measure and install your unit
  3. Measure your pet to get an accurate flap size. The "In the Glass" unit comes with a 3 ¾" step-over in addition to any step-over your frame has right now that you will need to take into account
  4. Place the order on this page to receive the order form asking for your custom dimensions. Your order is on hold until we receive this order form. The form is emailed to you as you complete your order.
  5. The custom-built glass will be made and shipped with your pre-installed pet door for your sliding glass door.

What exactly comes with an "In the Glass" purchase?

Only one piece is glass is purchased at a time. This piece of glass will be installed into your patio frame. What makes this option great is the pet door that comes pre-installed in the glass. So, either your slider or stationary glass will be replaced with an identical piece of glass with a pet door flap and frame installed.

What does it mean by standard and oversize glass size?

Standard Glass Size has a square inch range of 37" x 77" or smaller. Oversized Glass Size would be any range over 37" x 77" and up to 45" x 90".

When will I get the email asking for my dimensions?

As soon as you order, an email will be sent asking for the custom dimensions of your glass.

What is the minimum step-over?

The minimum step over on the through glass units is 3 3/4" plus however tall the frame of the sliding door is. If your frame is 2" tall, then the minimum step-over would be 5-¾". There are 2" or 4" step-over add-on options as well; these will add 2" and 4" to the minimum to raise the step-over to accommodate taller pets.

Where can I find someone to install this?

If you need help finding a glazier, please visit our Installation Page to find someone in your local area. Please note, not all areas may have a glazier listed.

What does my glazier need to measure?

Your glazier will need to have the thickness, height, width, and whether your glass has low-e coating or not. They will also measure the grids inside the glass (on center).

What step-over does this come with already?

Originally, there is a 3 3/4" step-over, plus however tall your slider frame is from the floor. Make sure the top of the flap you chose will be at least an inch above your pet's shoulder when installed.

Why does the price jump so much when I change pet patio door sizes?

"Through the Glass" units can be pretty expensive because you're getting a custom unit made entirely to your specifications. These items can get expensive because of the quality you are purchasing and the different amounts of each material needed for a variety of sizes. You are paying for the quality of materials in the glass, metal, and flap, which have a high energy efficiency rating to save you on AC/heating/energy bills and require less in replacement parts.

What is low-e coating?

It stands for Low-emissivity coating. Low-e is applied to the inside of the glass to cut back on the heat and cold transfer. Low outside temperatures combined with moist, warm air inside the house can result in condensation on the inside of any glass window, including that in a patio door. Dual-pane, low-e glass can greatly reduce or eliminate this problem. This feature is especially important in cold climates.

What are the benefits to the "Through the Glass" units?

The "Through the Glass" units don't take up space for you to walk through like a patio panel pet door insert would. This is a huge benefit if you have a smaller retrofit slider, as now you don't have to worry about trying to squeeze through sideways. Additionally, the "Through the Glass" doggie doors utilize your existing lock, so you will not have to worry about how to go about securing your home.

In terms of appearance benefits, it also utilizes your current door frame and door track, so you don't have to worry about matching a new frame with your current door and frame. The constantly open sliding glass door would leave you with extra framing blocking your view outside. When in the glass, you do not experience this issue. The Endura Flap® Pet Door included is great for insulation, so it compliments the dual-pane glass in most new sliders.

How long does it take to get the "Through the Glass" models?

It takes about 3-4 weeks for these types of pet doors to be manufactured. Then, transit time is about 1-5 business days as it ships from the West Coast. When it ships, we will send a tracking number via email, which will include an estimated delivery date so you can schedule with your installer to come out.

Can you change the flap in the glass units if it wears out?

Yes, you can purchase replacement Endura Flaps® on the website. It might sound strange, but you will need to purchase the one for the Door/Wall Mount since that includes the hole plugs. However, they can be a little difficult to replace because you must remove the whole frame in order to get the new flap into place properly.

Can I lock the pet door when I don't want my dog to use it?

The flap itself will be coming with a locking closing panel. This cover slides on the track of the frame to securely prevent access.

Can I get this shipped to my house instead of the glass company?

You can get a standard-sized glass shipped to your house. However, if you have an oversized unit, it is best to ship to your glass company. Additional fees will be charged to your account if an oversized unit goes to a residential location.

I bought this from, but it was made somewhere else. Who do I go to for warranty?

The flap and frame assembly is made by, whereas the glass company who made your glass and installed the door is Advanced Windows. They both have a 15 year warranty so if you have issues regarding the pet door itself, please contact For the glass unit you would go directly through Advanced Window. 

How will I be able to lock my sliding door?

This item will be placed inside your slider frame. Your lock will still work since it is not replacing your frame or locking mechanism. If you are a renter who cannot make permanent changes to your door, there are plenty of pet door inserts that mate with your sliding door lock.

Can I install one of the glass units myself?

We highly recommend hiring a glass company to install and measure for you. Depending on how handy you are, it may be possible; however, if the measurements are off, this item cannot be returned due to its customization.

Is there a version of this that includes an electronic pet door?

There are different pet door options for dogs and cats. There are not many electronic pet doors that accommodate large dogs, so you might be best off getting High Tech Pet Power Pet Door, which is a pet door insert. If you need a cat flap, you have plenty of options from Ideal Pet Products to Petsafe. However, the Sureflap Microchip pet door can be installed directly into the glass of your sliding door when it is used with a mounting adaptor.


Pet Door Guys Limited Warranty guarantees it will repair or replace any Pet Door Guys product which is found to be defective in material or workmanship and will pay the costs of repair or replacement to the original owner for a period of 10 years. Insulated glass is warranted for life against seal failure. The flap assembly is by Endura Flap has a lifetime warranty.

This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • This guarantee is offered only to the original owners of single family homes who purchase a Pet Door Guys product in the United States. It is not transferable and terminates upon sale of the home and does not apply to re-installation at a second location.
  • The warranty does not extend to commercial applications.
  • Pet Door Guys is not responsible for glass breakage, failure due to misuse, applied tints or films, any customer alterations to the product including painting, improper installation or acts of nature including fire, flood or earthquake. Pet Door Guys is not responsible for natural weathering of exterior finishes or corrosion in highly corrosive environments.
  • Pet Door Guys is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage beyond our control. Pet door openings imply some risk. No guarantee is offered or implied regarding suitability or security against intrusion or unwanted entry or exit.

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