Pet Door Guys

  • Uses the Endura Flap® to make custom pet door inserts that are installed directly into the glass of your sliding door
  • Requires professional installation

Pet Door Guys was established in 2011 to provide a solution for those who want a pet door in their sliding glass door but, for various reasons, object to the traditional dog door patio pet door. This glass company, which doubles as a pet door conversion in the glass business created a solution for these troubled dog owners.

Instead of a typical patio door with a doggy door in it, the Pet Door Guys solution is to offer a pet door that is actually installed “through the glass” of the sliding glass door together. This way, you can get a sliding door and a glass pet door all in one.

Not only have they created one of the best dog doors, but they have also figured out a way to combine the idea of a doggie door with different flap sizes, pet door inserts, and glass patio doors or sliding patio doors to create the "through the glass" glass dog door for any pet sizes, including cats.

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