Would a Smart Door Be Perfect For You?

We are constantly thinking about adding new smart pet doors to our collection, but need your input! Whether you are looking for a wall mount, door mount, or glass door panel, we want to give you the best pet door option. Tell us what your ideal Smart Dog Door would look like!

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What Features Would You Want In Your Smart Door?

Works for any size dog?

A durable and energy-efficient Smart Dog Door should accommodate dogs of any size and breed. However, the technology is lacking so right now there is not a smart door that will work for larger pets.

Voice controlled Dog Door?

The smart dog door would leverage active voice control that enables you to open the door and program its features. Change the smart door's settings effectively and simply with your voice.

App controlled Dog Door?

A smart dog door can be operated with a smartphone app that helps you monitor your furry friend & control the door flap remotely. Interested in this feature? You're in luck! The SureFlap Connect Pet Door currently uses their Connect Hub app so you can control your pet's door right from your phone! The downside is that the flap is only 7" x 7", so it is suitable for cats and small dogs.

Integrates with Google Home and Alexa?

Due to a seamless integration with Google Home & Alexa, a Smart Dog Door could be a game changer that simplifies the life of a pet owner. Using a smart plug for the High Tech Power Pet Door, you could set this up yourself, but a well designed Smart Door would have this feature pre-installed.

Worked with a pet's existing microchip?

The best pet doors already work effortlessly with your dog’s existing microchip to keeps unwanted critters out of your home. Lots of pet doors work with cat microchips, but none work well for dogs. No need for clunky collar keys that might get lost.

Extra Features?

The next generation of home technology is right around the corner! There could be features and technology that haven't even crossed our minds; we want to hear about them.


Electronic Doors for Your Four-Legged Friend

Currently, offers a wide selection of Microchip, Automatic, and Electronic Pet Doors for anywhere from standard wall installation to sliding door installation. One of the best electronic dog door options is the PetSafe SmartDoor Connect.

While electronic doors make the life a pet-owner significantly easier, we've heard some customers expressing interest in features that go beyond those offered in a door such as the SureFlap Microchip Door. Listed below are some of the features we think every smart pet door should have (some of which are already in use!). Any other features you think a smart door should have? Let us know in the comments section of the form below.

Smart Electronic Dog Door or Cat Door: The perfect solution for a pet-friendly home

With a rise in the installation of pet doors, the convenience in the everyday life of the pet owners has also increased significantly. After installing a pet door in your home, you no longer have to be a watchman for your pets as it allows them to enter and exit the house all on their own. Electronic Smart Doors use your pet's vet-implanted microchip or an RFID collar key (radio frequency identification) to grant your pet access to the door while blocking access to unwanted guests.

While pet doors make your life (and your pet's life) much easier, they also pose the risk of allowing animals other than your pet into your home like stray cats and other wild animals. Your dog door becomes a gateway for wild stray animals to get all the delicious food that’s in your home. Conventional dog doors can cause much more harm than good if they provide open access to all the neighborhood critters. This issue can be easily resolved by installing a smart flap door that open only for a smart key collar tag worn by your pet. A smart dog door will open only for your pet's collar to allow your pet the freedom to come as they please while putting your mind at ease.

By using the latest technology, electronic dog doors eliminate the use of a bulky collar around the neck of your pooch, making them an ideal choice among dog owners right now. Many also feature Curfew Mode, enabling you to lock the flap anytime you want. For example, if you want the dog to stay indoors during the night, then you can disable the door and your furry friend will not be able to exit.

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