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Bug Off Pet Screen Door

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  • Mesh screen door with a tension rod for a tool-free installation
  • Hands-free entry and exit
  • Shuts after use via magnets
  • Fits regular doors, French doors, and sliding doors
  • Serves as a portable and/or temporary screen door

For pet owners who want fresh air but don’t want to leave their door wide open, the Bug Off Instant Screen Door solves this problem simply and affordably. These hanging screen doors fit into the door jambs of French and regular doors with a tension rod for a tool and hassle-free installation. Once pressure is applied to the screen, it opens and then utilizes magnetic closure to shut behind you or your pet. This hands-free screen door is a convenient way to let your pet pass through an open door freely, without letting bugs do the same. 

  • Regular Doors: Fits doorway widths 30" - 72" and opens in the center.
  • French Doors with Single Doors: Select the Side Opening door type in the drop-down menu. This screen is reversible to properly fit doors that open from the left or the right. Fits doorway widths 59" - 61" or 71" - 73".
  • French Doors with Double Doors: Select the Center Opening door type in the drop-down menu. Fits doorway widths 47" - 49", 59" - 61", or 71" - 73".
  • Magnetic, hands-free entry and auto-close accommodate the entry and exit of both people and pets.
  • The mesh screen is engineered with heavy-duty ROM charcoal fiberglass.



  • Bug Off Screen Door is portable (great for vacation homes or rentals!).
  • Fiberglass mesh curtain ventilation provides fresh air.
  • Tool-free installation is convenient and easy to use.
  • Leave the door open without letting in bugs.
  • Both dogs and cats can easily use it.

Size Chart


Door TypeDoor HeightDoor Width
Regular77" - 79"33" - 35"
Regular78" - 80"29" - 31"
Regular78" - 80"31" - 33"
Regular78" - 80"35" - 37"
Regular82" - 84"35" - 37"
Regular94" - 96"31" - 33"
Regular94" - 96"35" - 37"
French (side opening)78" - 80"59" - 61"
French (side opening)78" - 80"71" - 73"
French (center opening)78" - 80"47" - 49"
French (center opening)78" - 80"59" - 61"
French (center opening)78" - 80"71" - 73"

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Adjust the spring tension rod wider than your door opening and insert it into one of the two tunnels at the top of the screen. Enlarge the spring tension rod by unscrewing the smaller end counterclockwise.
Bug Off Installation Graphic One
Step 2: Put one side of the tension rod in top corner of your door jamb and slide the other side up.
Bug Off Installation Graphic Two
Step 3: Adhere the velcro adhesive strips (sewn onto the screen) to the sides of your door jamb. After the installation, check to make sure the rod is tight in the door jamb. If not, open the rod a little wider. The center opening of the screen should be centered in the doorjamb. Adjust the screen mesh towards the center of the rod. 
Bug Off Installation Graphic Three

Additional Information

YOUR MAXIMUM PET SIZECats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
CAN BE INSTALLED INAluminum Door, French Doors, Hollow Core Door, Inside Use Only, Metal Door

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