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  • Mesh screen door with a tension rod for a tool-free installation
  • Hands-free entry and exit
  • Shuts after use via magnets
  • Fits regular doors, French doors, and sliding door patio doors
  • Serves as a portable and/or temporary screen door
  • Please note:  Size 94" - 96" / 31" - 33" Out of Stock

For pet owners who want fresh air coming from either their front or back door, but don’t want to leave their door wide open, the Bug Off Instant Screen Door is a simple and affordable solution. These quality hanging screen doors have a tool and hassle-free installation. The screen hangs in the door frame of your regular and French doors from a tension rod. use a tension rod. Strong magnets allow the screen to seal behind your pet every time they want to explore your backyard. This hands-free screen door is a convenient way to let your pet pass through a door opening freely while ensuring that bugs cannot do the same.

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  • Sizing options:
    • Regular Doors: Fits doorway widths 30" - 72" and opens in the center.
    • French Doors with Single Doors: Select the Side Opening door type in the drop-down menu. This screen is reversible to properly fit doors that open from the left or the right. Fits doorway widths 59" - 61" or 71" - 73".
    • French Doors with Double Doors: Select the Center Opening door type in the drop-down menu. Fits doorway widths 47" - 49", 59" - 61", or 71" - 73".
  • Powerful magnets, hands-free door screen entry, and auto-close accommodate the entry and exit of both people and pets.
  • The mesh screen is engineered with heavy-duty ROM charcoal fiberglass mesh.



  • Bug Off Screen Door with magic mesh is portable (great product for vacation homes or rentals!).
  • Fiberglass mesh curtain ventilation provides fresh air.
  • Tool-free installation is convenient and easy to use.
  • Leave the strong magnetic door open without letting in bugs.
  • Fits door size for both dogs and cats easily.

Size Chart

Door TypeDoor HeightDoor Width
Regular77" - 79"33" - 35"
Regular78" - 80"29" - 31"
Regular78" - 80"31" - 33"
Regular78" - 80"35" - 37"
Regular82" - 84"35" - 37"
Regular94" - 96"31" - 33"
Regular94" - 96"35" - 37"
French (side opening)78" - 80"59" - 61"
French (side opening)78" - 80"71" - 73"
French (center opening)78" - 80"47" - 49"
French (center opening)78" - 80"59" - 61"
French (center opening)78" - 80"71" - 73"

Additional Information

YOUR MAXIMUM PET SIZECats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
CAN BE INSTALLED INAluminum Door, French Doors, Hollow Core Door, Inside Use Only, Metal Door

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Adjust the spring tension rod wider than your door opening and insert it into one of the two tunnels at the top of the screen. Enlarge the spring tension rod by unscrewing the smaller end counterclockwise.
Bug Off Installation Graphic One
Step 2: Put one side of the tension rod in top corner of your door jamb and slide the other side up.
Bug Off Installation Graphic Two
Step 3: Adhere the velcro adhesive strips (sewn onto the screen) to the sides of your door jamb. After the installation, check to make sure the rod is tight in the door jamb. If not, open the rod a little wider. The center opening of the screen should be centered in the doorjamb. Adjust the screen mesh towards the center of the rod. 
Bug Off Installation Graphic Three


What is a Bug Off Hanging Screen Door?

Bug Off is a hanging screen curtain that serves to prevent bugs from entering your home. You can walk through it with your hands full and it will quietly snap closed behind you using the center and bottom magnets. A tension rod at the top and hook and loop fasteners along the sides keep the magnetic door screen locked in place in your door frame. It is considered a temporary screen door and it's very easy to install (like a shower curtain). Maybe you like hosting barbecues and want to leave your sliding door open to let the dog out, or so that you can move through easily with plates of food. How ever you choose to use your magnetic hands-free entry door, it'll be a great home improvement for you and your pet!

Why can't I use a Bug Off Instant Screen if my dimensions are a little off from what you list on the website?

You cannot use a Bug Off Instant Screen if your door size dimensions are outside of the required dimensions because it will not function properly. If the dimensions are off/outside of the standard screen sizes offered, it will attach awkwardly and may not close completely. There are many standard sizes so it's important that you read the product information carefully and choose the right dimensions.

Can I install the Bug Off Screen Door in a sliding glass door if I leave one side open?

This may be possible. You would need to measure the width of space from your slider once opened to the inside part of the frame. Because the rod needs to sit between 2 stationary posts, be sure your width is included in the size chart. For this option, you would choose "Regular" as the door type. The Bug Off screen is not typically made for sliding glass doors so be sure the rod fits in the space you have.

Can this keep pets inside?

The bug off screen doors would not be suitable for trying to keep certain pets indoors. Or a pet door that will keep certain pets inside, check out our electronic pet doors.

Can the Bug Off Screen keep my cats in?

Since this does not take much force to open it is not suitable for keeping certain pets inside while letting others out. There are plenty of electronic cat doors that have selective locks to keep certain pets in and out. There's less options for dog doors, but we did try to jury-rig our own solution.

Is the bottom of the Bug Off screen weighted?

Yes the bottom of the magnetic screen door is weighted so that it hangs properly. However, it might still blow open against strong winds. Luckily, the Endura Flap pet door has a magnetic flap that can withstand high wind velocities.


Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. (the "Company") warrants that Bug Off will operate substantially as described in its sale material for 30 days after purchase. The Company will, at your option, replace the product or refund the purchase price for products that do not comply with the foregoing warranty. To request a refund or replacement call the company where you purchased Bug Off Screen. If you purchased Bug Off directly from us, there is no need to call us, simply return within 30 days to Bug Off Screen, 2045 Burton Dr., Cambria, CA 93428. Please include an explanation note, with your sales receipt number, inside the box. Any implied warranty is also limited to 30 days. There are no warranties that extend beyond the foregoing warranty.

The above is your exclusive remedy for product defects. The company shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Regardless of the theory of liability, the company liability will not exceed the purchase price.

Caution - Failure to use Bug Off according to the following will void your warranty:

  1. 1. Do not use Bug Off as a barrier to keep pets or children inside.
  2. 2. Do not use Bug Off where small children or small pets can pull down the screen and rod, as rod could injure small children or small pets.
  3. 3. The support rod must be correctly installed to fit tight in your doorjamb and periodically tightened again. Open rod 1 to 2 inches wider than your door frame and push snugly into top of doorjamb. test that the rod is tight. Repeat as needed.
  4. 4. Do not disassemble the support rod.
  5. 5. The adhesive-backed velcro can damage or remove door frame finishes. Clean doorjamb. before adhering velcro and use an adhesive dissolver to aid removal. Company assumes no responsibility for paint or finfish of doorjamb.
  6. 6. Do not remove rubber tips from rod. Do not remove magnets or other elements from product because they can be swallowed by children or pets.

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